10 Difficulties You Face While Moving To A New City

Moving To A New City

Leaving your old home and planning to move to a new one. It can be exciting to move to a new house, but can also be stressful. Some essentials like food, transportation, environment, and many more things need proper planning and focus. But, there are various ways to get yourself prepared to move to a new city. Be ready to face all the hurdles you will get while shifting to a new place. So, this article is dedicated to all those people who are planning to move into a new city whether for studies or work. Here, we discuss the main difficulties and give you tips to deal with them. The challenges discussed are some of the most useful ones a person faces after moving to a new city. 

1. Finding the Perfect House 

Finding a new house in a new city is difficult if you do not get the proper accommodation from the company. Choose between the owners and experts who can guide you to the perfect new home. Today, you can easily search for the house online and find out every detail about it. So, verify your house before moving into the city.

How to Deal- Visit web portals that provide you home searching services in a new city. Some of them are magicbricks.com, hosuing.com, and many more. You can also check on various social media platforms that deal with different brokerages. 

2. Transportation Facility 

It is a very difficult task to find the perfect means of transportation in a new city. If you are shifting to the country’s capital, then searching for the best car transport services in Delhi is very essential. You don’t know the area, the roads, the auto drivers, and so on. Public transport can even hire extra charges from you as it is difficult to figure out the correct price of going somewhere. You have to rely on the map feature provided by your smartphone, but that will also work if you have a high internet speed connection. 

How to Deal- To figure out this situation, you can use Offline Maps available by Google. To avoid the use of public transportation, it is highly recommended to download applications like Uber, Ola, and various cab services. 

3. Connecting with the House Builder 

Buying or renting a house in a new city is a challenging task. You have to maintain a decent relationship with the housebuilder or the broker to get the perfect home in a new area. They give a visit to the home to keep a check on it. So, it is difficult for some people to keep their home tidy and conventional. Dealing with these owners and brokers can be a hectic task. 

How to Deal- Talk to the house owner and broker, make them feel friendly. Ask them how they want their house to be maintained. Tell them about their daily routine and the way you live in the house. 

4. Packing and Unpacking the Household Items 

While shifting from one city to another, your first work is to put each and everything in boxes and pack them. You have to put all your essential and non-essential household items in inboxes. You cannot carry all the items with you, so it is necessary to check the crucial goods. Then, reaching the new place comes unpacking, which is also a mess too. Packing and unpacking of goods can take a few days and can be very exhausting. 

How to Deal- Do not unpack all the boxes at once. It is good to arrange boxes as per everyday usage. And, take 30 minutes each day to unpack all the household items according to your convenience. Do not rush in unpacking the goods. 

5. Looking for Domestic Help 

There will be plenty of jokes on the difficulty of finding a housekeeper for your new home. It is one of the most important things while shifting to a new city. Finding a new person who is responsible to keep your home safe is sometimes exhausting for all of us. 

How to Deal- Ask your neighbors for any suggestions. It is good if your neighbor’s maid is ready to keep your home tidy and clean. You can even look for maids on various websites such as HouseMaidForYou or House Maids.

6. Food

Food can get you worried on the initial days of your stay in the new place. You have to eat outside for some days until you are done with the unpacking of the kitchen items. And, getting familiar with the new city’s cuisine is a hectic task. 

How to Deal- Search for the restaurants that cook the food according to your requirement. Take help of various food delivering apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and so on. Residing in Delhi, then pick street food and get the best taste. 

7. Getting Yourself Involved with the New Environment 

Shifting to a new city, the new area is a strenuous task for almost all of us. Each city has its own values and language that can be different from your background. So, it might be difficult for you to understand and fit into a new environment easily. And, it is also not easy to get yourself familiar with the new weather. 

How to Deal- Give yourself some time to settle down and get familiar with the new area. Help yourself to learn new things and you will feel the best. 

8. Finding the Network Providers 

Want to set up WiFi in your new home? You have to now look for the best internet service provider in your area. You have to also change your roaming sim card into local without a number change. So, to deal with this here is a solution to it. 

How to Deal- Ask your neighbours about the network connections they are using. Or you can check online the best internet service provider of your area. Take the demo and check the internet speed. 

9. Availability of Networks

One of the most difficult tasks after shifting to a new place is changing the address in all the necessary documents such as a bank, bill records, and many more. 

How to Deal- The one and only solution to this is doing all the things online to save your time and focus on other things. 

10. Battling Out with the First Week 

The first week after you are done with the unpacking of stuff can be harder. You need to start figuring out all the things together and get the best from it. There will be a time when you will feel demotivated and will not be able to work. 

How to Deal- Stay calm and feel motivated. Organize stuff nicely through a proper plan and you will be able to do everything. Once you are done, you will be aware of the things to do and you are done.

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