10 Elegant And Easy DIY Hairstyles For Weddings And Parties


Weddings are the most joyful and exciting celebrations. Be it India, or abroad, weddings are loved and cherished by everyone. But, when we talk about weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds, especially to the minds of all the girls is, getting ready.

Whether it is your friend’s wedding or some relative, you want to look as good and smart as possible. And, when we talk about looking good there are a few points that matter the most. The first one is the dress selection. You pick out one of the best dresses from your collection to slay at the wedding. Then, you decide and take out all the accessories needed and matching your selected outfit. Then comes the makeup part which is an easy- peasy job until it comes to the hairstyle.

Making up a hairstyle for a wedding is a tough and tricky job and especially when you have to do it all by yourself it becomes far more time-consuming. However, not all of us are fans of going to a salon or a hairdresser for every wedding.  Moreover, we are always looking for some new hairstyles for the upcoming wedding.

So, here we are to your help with a list of the best easy, quick, and DIY hairstyles for any occasion, especially weddings that you can do easily.

1. The evergreen and the simplest!

Hairstyles For Weddings

Okay! So, first things first! The most common at-home hairstyles that are easy to do are no hairstyles. Yes, you read it right! When we say no hairstyles, we mean to keep them open.

Every person has a unique hair texture or shape. These natural shapes of your hair suit you the best. So, in case, you are not in the mood to do any hairstyle or you are feeling that you don’t have the time to do one, just leave your hair free and happy.

Just make sure, that you have taken a head wash either the same day or your hair is not too greasy as greasy hair doesn’t match with weddings.

2. Straight and classy!

So, we are starting slow and easy! Almost all of us own a hair straightener. If you don’t, you should surely invest in a hair straightener as it is a very useful hair styling tool. 

Straight hairs are a go-to hairstyle for all those who have wavy or curly hair textures. The reason is simple. The main motive we have in our minds when planning to do a hairstyle for a wedding is to look different from ordinary days.

Hence, for those who have natural curls or waves, straightened hairs are the best option. They are very easy to do and time-saving. Just make sure that if you are a beginner at hair straightening, be a little careful. Keep the temperature in control and not too high. Also, always opt for hairstyling pieces of equipment that have proper coatings to save your hair from any kind of extra damage.

3. Go girl with the curl!

Go girl with the curl

Just like straightened hairs are the best way to change the look for those who have curly hair, curled hairs are best for those who have naturally straight hairs. If you don’t have much time or you don’t want to do some extra clipping in of your hairs, just curl them and leave them open.

There are two ways of doing curls. You can either go for curls only at the ends of your hair or, you can also curl your overall hairs. It depends on what you like and what suits you the best.

For curling as well, you will need equipment. In that too, there are two options. You can either invest in a curler which is the better option as a curling rod is very easy to use and is very useful. You can also use a straightener as a substitute for a curling rod, in case you already own a straightener.

How to curl hairs through a straightener?

  • First of all, comb your hair properly.
  • Then make a few sections or just one section will also do. Take out one layer of your hair. The layer should be as thick or thin as you desire your curls to be.
  • Now roll this layer on the straightener just like a curler from the point you want to start curling. Don’t close the straightener before rolling over the hairs.
  • Now close the straightener and pull it downwards up to the ends of your hairs.

4. The classic bun with a twist!

The classic bun with a twist

Buns have always been a part of Indian weddings. Whenever we talk about a wedding hairstyle, a hair bun is what pops up first.

But who likes to go for basic stuff? So, the best option is to try out the new trends of buns. One of the most liked modifications of hair buns is the low bun.

A low bun is very easy to make. It looks fabulous and classy. You can make a low bun with an evening gown, sari, suit, or anything else. Moreover, low buns are best if you have a nice back detail on your dress and you want to show it off.

Things required making a low bun at home-

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Rollers
  • Hair Clips
  • Accessories to decorate (optional)

  How to make an easy DIY low bun yourself at home-

  • First of all, start by combing your hair properly.
  • Now take all your hair back your ears, and make a neat low ponytail.
  • Braid the hairs keeping them tied in a ponytail.
  • Now, make a bun out of this braided ponytail. Secure it with bun pins or U-pins or a black thin rubber band properly.
  • You are done!

You can modify the look according to you a bit. Like, you can leave a few hairs in the front, if you don’t want a very sticky look. You can add twists or braids in the front before making a ponytail. Or, you can decorate your bun with some accessories. It all depends on your choice, time, and creativity.

5. Side twisted look!

Side twisted look

There are days when we are not really in the mood of making a very heavy hairstyle. We want to have a really simple and elegant look. Or, there might also be a time problem.

This side twisted hairstyle is best for those days. It is very easy and quick to do. Also, it looks very classy.

Things required-

  • A few bobby pins
  • A comb
  • A hair straightener or a curler (not necessary)

How to do a quick side twist hairstyle-

  • First of all, prep your hair by combining it properly.
  • Curl or straighten your hair if you want. You can do this hairstyle in your natural hair as well.
  • Now, divide your hairs in a side partition.
  • Make a simple hair twist on one side, leaving all your hairs open on the other.
  • You can either make one twist or make more than that. Secure these twists with bobby pins properly.

6. Headband


This is yet another simple, quick, and cute hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with any attire be it a suit, saree, gown, or even casual jeans top.

Things required in making the headband hairstyle-

  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Curler or straightener (not necessary)
  • Accessories (not necessary)

Easy steps for a DIY headband hairstyle-

  • Firstly, prep up your hairs by combining them properly.
  • Straighten or curl your hair if you want to.
  • Now, divide your hairs in the midsection.
  • Take a layer from the front hairs of one side. Twist this layer, making it backward your head like a band. Tuck this layer at the middle of your back with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same step with a layer of hairs from the other side. And, you are done!
  • You can add a few accessories if you want. Like, decorate the twits with small beads or attach a bow or flower at the back where you have tucked both the twists. However, this hairstyle will look equally good even without the hair accessories if you want a simple look. 

7. Easiest beach waves!

Easiest beach waves

Beach waves are not just beach favorites but have also become a very common and loved party hairstyle these days.  Whenever you look at someone with beach waves, you might think that it is a very tricky and time-consuming task that can’t be done at home.

Well, you are certainly not right! Beach ways are even easier than doing straightening or curling if you know the right process.

Things required-

  • A comb
  • A hair-dryer

How to do easy beach waves-

  • This hairstyle needs your hair to be damp.
  • Divide your damp hairs into sections, small or big depends on what size of waves you want. 
  • Now, twist these layers together.
  • Using a hairdryer, dry up your hairs keeping them twisted.
  • Once, they are completely dried, open them up slowly and gently with your fingers and your beach waves are ready!
  • Beach waves are a very good idea if you are planning to wear a maang tikka or a matha patti.

8. Braided headband

Braided headband

Want some princess feels? If yes, then go with a braided headband rather than a simple one!

This hairstyle is super easy and super classy.

A braided headband is the best option to pair with an evening gown or a short party dress. Add a piece of nice statement jewelry, footwear, and an evening clutch.

Things needed-

  • Bobby pins
  • A comb
  • A hair spray
  • Hair rubber bands (thin)

Easy steps to an easy headband-

  • Take a section of your hair from behind your ear.
  • Make a braid from this section and secure it with a hair rubber or elastic.
  • Take this braid around your head like a hairband. Tuck it on the other side with a bobby pin.
  • You can enjoy the look with just one braid band or repeat the process to make more and a thicker band.

9. Topknot chick bun!

Topknot chick bun
Picture Credits: hairstylecamp.com

This top knot bun hairstyle looks very stylish.  Especially, if you are a teenage girl who wants to look sassy at a wedding, this hairstyle is apt.

Also, this hairstyle works best with curly or wavy hairs as they make the bun voluminous. This hairstyle doesn’t need your hair to be washed. Hairs washed before two or three days are a better choice for this hairstyle.

Things required-

  • U-pins or juda pins
  • A rubber band
  • Comb

Steps to follow-

  • First of all, comb your hair and then tie them in a high ponytail. Secure this ponytail with a rubber band and make sure that it is tight so that the bun stays intact for a longer time.
  • Now, backcomb your hairs keeping them in the pony itself.
  • After backcombing your hairs, give them a neat look with your hands. Make sure you don’t open the backcombing as backcombed hairs look voluminous in the bun.
  • Now, wrap the hairs of your ponytail around the rubber band area clockwise like a bun. When the tip of your hair comes, tuck it under the same rubber band.
  • After giving bun shape to your hairs or wrapping the hairs like a bun, secure the bun by tucking juda pins from all sides.

10. Messy buns

Messy buns

Okay, so we already talked about how famous buns are in wedding hairstyle lists, right? So, here is another one for you. This hairstyle will look best in western clothes.

A messy bun is perfect if you don’t want a very neat, clean, and greasy look. It will make your hair look bouncy and voluminous.

Things required-

  • Juda or U-pins
  • Comb
  • Hair elastic or rubber band

Easy steps to get a messy bun look-

  • Start by combing your hair properly.
  • Now, tie up your hair in a tight and high ponytail.
  • Then, roll your hair. After rolling them, start wrapping them around the rubber band part like a bun.
  • Tuck the hairs in the tie once you hit the end.
  • Secure the bun with juda pins.
  • Now, is the best part of the entire hairstyle routine? Start designing your hair bun. For this, start pulling your hair gently to give it a messy look.
  • Your messy bun is ready to rock the party!

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