10 Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her 20s

fashion pieces every woman should have

Looking into shop windows, does your heartbeat like you’ve seen a world where you can be a better version of yourself? Is it a dreamy world where you think you can achieve anything you’ve always wanted? Well, you don’t need to be a shopaholic to feel it. It just happens!

Well enough with Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) references, and cheque your wardrobe. If you still don’t have these 10 fashion pieces, go get them!

1. Nice shoes that will take you to good places

Cinderella got her go-to shoes that changed her life forever, and you should too! After all, it’s easier to move and do things when your feet are comfortable. When choosing the right shoes, take your time and materials that suit you.

The size of your shoes also has a great impact on comfortability, and you should be updated on your shoe sizes because it changes from time to time.

Not a fan of high heels? That’s alright! Your go-to shoes don’t have to be stilettos, and you’re free to pick a pair of timeless sneakers.

2. Sparkling jewelry that will let you shine

Jewelry completes an outfit. It’s like the cherry on top of your fabulous clothing. Are you a fan of classic looks? Then your finishing touches should be pearls or diamonds.

If you’re a diamond kind of girl, try colour variations such as argyle pink diamonds, fancy green diamonds, and intense blue diamonds. After all, you can never go wrong with diamonds.


3. Timepiece for your everyday schedule 

Wristwatches are originally made for soldiers. They found out that it’s easier to wear a wristwatch instead of getting a watch from the pocket.

Nowadays, wristwatches serve a different purpose. Although they’re still for time-telling, they’re also good for first impressions, they’re simple accessories, and also have psychological benefits.

4. A purse that will help you get it together

Tired of carrying all the tiny things you own? You just need a purse! Sometimes, your outfit may not have any pockets in it so you should carry a purse for your phone, cash, and other personal belongings.


5. Your signature scent that people won’t forget

Choosing your signature scent is like picking out your style. Isn’t it great when someone remembers you when they smell your perfume? It means you’re doing it well. You wear the scent as a part of you.

In choosing your signature scent, first, you have to narrow down the choices by identifying the type of smell you like. Observe if you’re a fan of musk, sweet, or floral fragrances. Then, choose the products you wanted to try, buy the smallest bottle, and wear-test them. Finally, choose the one that you think suits your taste!

6. Favourite lipstick for a colourful day

You just know your day will turn great if you’re wearing your favourite lipstick. Plus, I’ll be the first thing anyone will notice so you don’t have to worry if you’re having a bad hair day.

Consider your skin tone, and your preferred finish when choosing the right lipstick for you.


7. Sunglasses to keep your eyes safe

Sunglasses are not just accessories that can make people look better. It’s also protection to our eyes from harmful UV rays. Having sunglasses is important all year round because aside from the sun, many other things can damage the window to our soul.

8. Dress for your favourite days

If you have a special dress that makes you feel comfortable every time you wear it, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s like everything about it fits you perfectly, and you don’t need to wear too many accessories because it stands out by itself.


9. Suit for your business trips

If you still don’t own a pair of suits, now is the right time to get them! Having a pair of suits will give you more confidence, and it’s easy to style compared to a dress.

Suits are great for travelling because they don’t wrinkle easily and you can move confidently. In addition, you can also wear it when you just don’t feel like wearing a dress.

10. Hat for your gorgeous hair

Hats are classy accessories but not everyone can pull off every design. It’s best to try different hats first before you buy yours. Moreover, you should also consider your current wardrobe and future occasions where you can wear your new hat.


So if your heart kind of goes like whipped cream slowly melting in a cup of hot coffee when you see a fashion piece, that’s when you know it’s for you! Don’t forget to comment below beloved fashion pieces.

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