10 Important Things To Check Before Trusting A Private Detective Agency


Seeking help of a private investigator becomes necessary in certain types situations or cases where knowing the truth behind the matter holds more value than taking the help of the police. And in such cases, private sleuths are always ideal as they can provide evidence which one can use to decide the next course of action.

It’s however important to trust only some of top sleuths of India to get the right results in a specific time frame. And with so many players around and most of them claiming to be the “best in the industry,” finding the right way is easier said than done.

But yes, there are certain factors and aspects you should look into before ever trusting a detective agency in Delhi. And when you follow this rule and trust top sleuths, results are always what you expect.

Let’s look at 10 important things to check before trusting a private investigator –   

1. Check whether the detective agency is licensed  

A top detective agency in Delhi is one which is always registered with the Government of India, or with the Registrar of Companies. It will also have registration with Central Excise, Good & Service Tax, with a genuine GST number. 

2. Check whether the agency files its IT, TDS & GST & returns

When you plan to hire a private detective in Delhi, you must also check whether they ( or the agency they belong to) that file their Income Tax Returns & GST Returns on a regular basis. You may even ask the agency to show the copies of the returns to clear your doubts.

3. Check whether the agency is experienced and skilled  

When you look for a detective in Delhi, the focus should always be an agency is experienced and has a proven track record in handing complex cases. The agencies that have ever collaborated with the police or some other government organizations are always good for criminal or complex cases.  

4. Check whether the agency is generalist or specialist 

While some detective agencies are good with general cases (involving personal investigation, matrimonial searches, background check etc.),   not all of them would be capable to handle complex cases related to cyber crime, forensic investigation, data theft & recovery and so on. It’s therefore important to trust only the best detective agency in Delhi for specialized cases. 

5. Check the reputation and credibility of the agency

Best results with private investigation are only delivered by agencies that are reputed and credible. Such agencies often exist in the industry from a long time, staff skilled personnel (like Ex Army, Police IB officers), have offices across the country, and maintain a robust infrastructure.

6. Check whether the agency signs contract for their services

It’s always important to hire only that detective agency in Delhi that signs a proper agreement or contract for their services. It provides a written document detailing the scope of the investigation, the resources used, the technology employed and the time taken to finish the work. 

7. Check whether the agency has any criminal record against it

A lot of agencies often run afoul with the government purely for their breach of the law and their propensity to not play by the rules. And naturally, the law never spares anyone that does not play by the rules. You should therefore always stay clear a private detective in Delhi that has a dubious past of any nature.   

8. Check whether the detective agency is affiliated with top associations

A top detective agency in Delhi will always have membership to leading organizations for trade in India. This shows their reliability and genuineness. If an agency is not a member of associations such as APDI, PHD Chambers of Commerce, WAD, ASSOCHAM, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association), it’s not worth hiring at all.

9. Check the pricing of the agency 

A good detective agency in Delhi will neither charge too low nor too high but its pricing would be something that will always feel competitive to you. Look, investigation requires work and effort and if an agency charges too low, it means it won’t be able to do your work for sure.

10. Check whether the agency has won some awards  

Awards and recognitions are often won by the best detective agency in Delhi on a regular basis and this also indicates that it’s reliable. So, make sure you check the authenticity of the claims behind those awards.


Clearly, you may need to check a few things before trusting a good detective agency in Delhi if you want great results with your cases.

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