12 Design Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Design


You’ve probably read a lot of interior design ideas blogs on how to design bedrooms, living room, kitchen… full of beautiful modern picture of bedrooms, elegant living rooms and eye-catching kitchen designs… little do we talk about one of the most essential rooms in the house: the bathroom. Although we always think that the bathroom design comes last on our list when designing our home interior, this small yet important room’s design should not be negligible. Who said your bathroom can’t be beautiful and trendy? Let’s explore together some tips and ideas for an outstanding bathroom design!

Go large


If your home space allows it, consider going large with your bathroom. A large and comfortable bathroom is always a plus and will add up a luxurious touch to your home. Leave some space between the toilet, the bidet, the sink and the bathtub and that will also help you a lot with cleaning, especially when drying the floor.

Adequate lighting


Nothing is more elegant than a well-lit bathroom. Basically, mount the brightest lights at each side of the mirror and leave the dimmer light for the ceiling, and give each of them a different switch. This way you can enjoy a nice hot bath in a relaxing ambiance by only switching on the ceiling lights, and take a good look at yourself while getting ready by switching on the brighter mirror lights.

Go bold with the tub


The bathtub should be a statement piece since it is the focal point of the bathroom. Opt for a nice, shapely, large tub for an elegant look. Modern bathtubs have a lot of design options; you can choose between marble, ceramic, wood… and different shapes and colors. Adding to that, surfacing designs tend to place pebbles under or around the bathtub; add some wooden elements with this style to perfect the look.

Multiple showerheads


Give yourself a unique shower experience by opting for multiple showerheads; the essential ceiling-mounted showerhead to soak you from above and give you nice and clean hair, and body sprays (vertical row of showerheads) with a crisscross pattern to give you a body massage. With this spa shower design, you may forget yourself for a good two hours enjoying the warmth and relaxation… other family members may not be happy though, when hot water runs out… oops!



Started with a single-sink modest cabinet design that paved the way for bigger more complex pieces, bathroom cabinetry is taking over the market with different shapes and colors, and getting larger by the day to conform to the modern day needs. It has become an important item in the bathroom, a place to store all your towels, shampoos, and everything you need in your morning and night routine.

Flooring and walls


Bathroom floor and walls should be resistant and impervious to water. The most elegant design choices are stone tiles and ceramic tiles. If you don’t want to go full tiles, you can make a nice ceramic tiles path to your bathtub or sink, or maybe design tiles-filled shapes on the walls. Easy to care for floors are recommended.

Floor to ceiling windows

Bathroom Design

Floor to ceiling windows are the latest interior design trend and we’re starting to see it everywhere in modern houses. They are a great way to allow natural light in and make a place brighter. So, why not use it in a bathroom? To incorporate this style in your bathroom design without worrying about privacy, plant long plants on the outer side of this window/sliding door and enjoy some botanical cozy vibes.



Who said bathrooms should be plain and colorless?  A shade of pink, aqua blue tiles, or sage green cabinetry are all good examples on how to make your bathroom more colorful and give it some life. Opt for pastel colors with a matte finish, and stay in the light color range to keep your bathroom bright and relaxing. Always make sure the paint is water resistant.

Textured walls


Plain walls with no texture have been there for too long now and it’s time to kiss them goodbye. Transform your average bathroom by choosing textured walls instead of smooth, no texture ones. Or you may choose to make one out of the 4 walls textured and leave the rest on the smooth side; make sure to add soft lighting on it to make the design pop.

Industrial bathroom


Industrial style is for all rooms of the house, including the bathroom; it is very common to see people go industrial with their home décor, but they intend to exclude the bathroom from the scheme, because, as they say, a bathroom should be soft and relaxing; well, industrial style is by no mean far from that. Try to overlap elements, mix between black white and grey, go for main shapes designs, and thank us later!

Keep the floor spacious


Usually, kitchens are the smallest rooms in the house that’s why you should always look for ways to keep the floor spacious, as bathrooms with no room to move or walk are kind of frustrating… Built-in cabinetry is a good choice especially for small bathrooms. The toilet, sink and bidet can be mounted to the wall too leaving more floor space and more room for cabinetry. You can also opt for a built in shampoo niche instead of shelves for a design upgrade.

Glass shower doors


Shower doors are in for modern bathroom designs, especially glass ones; this functional feature will help prevent the floor from getting wet from shower water which will save you some cleaning time, as well as trapping hot water steam that makes your bathroom walls and mirror foggy. By trapping the steam inside the glass room you get to enjoy an extra relaxing hot shower experience. Glass shower doors designs vary in shapes and sizes, so you can choose what fits your bathroom and taste.

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