17 Little Tricks To Look Younger: Little Effort And Visible Results

Tricks To Look Younger

Looking younger in just 30 days is possible. It all depends on whether you take it seriously and that you start to put into practice the advice that we propose below. There are little tricks like eyebrow makeup or a hairstyle change that are immediately noticeable. With others you will have to be constant to see results but if, little by little, you incorporate these gestures into your routine, in just one month you can start to see results.

Skincare is not a matter of one day. That’s what effective treatments like hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injectables are for. However, if you put in the effort and choose the right products, with our advice you will notice a spectacular change. Prepare to be asked what you have done to be so pretty.

Take care of the barrier function of your skin

The skin is prepared to protect itself from external aggressions in a natural way, but with age, this capacity diminishes. Therefore, you have to look for moisturizers that enhance it. Look for ingredients such as ceramides, shea, or niacinamide.

Become friends with retinol

The scientific evidence is clear in this regard, retinol is effective in combating a lot of skin problems such as acne or wrinkles, lack of luminosity, texture … well, in most cases it comes in handy. However, you have to be careful when applying it and start with low concentrations (0.2% or 0.3%) and gradually increase, because it can irritate.

Protect yourself from the sun

It is the most important and effective anti-ageing gesture that you can perform at any age. Always use sunscreen, every day of the year, whether or not you are going to leave the house. Sunlight is responsible for 90% of premature skin ageing and avoiding it is as easy as protecting yourself from the sun. Sometimes you are asked how old are you, but we never like to share so its important to keep protecting your skin from sun to look young.

Use antioxidants

Vitamin C or niacinamide  (vitamin B3) should be essential elements of your beauty routine, especially if you want to gain radiance in the short term and prevent damage to your skin as the years go by.

Go double cleaning

Cleaning the face well is key so that our treatments take effect and the skin does not age before its time. And, for this,  double cleaning is essential. Start with a makeup remover oil to thoroughly remove makeup and sunscreen, then use a soapy cleanser. Rinse with water and pat dry without rubbing.

Your neck is your second face

It is a popular saying and it is totally true. It’s great to take care of your facial skin, but if you don’t do the same with your neck, it will give you away. You do not need to use specific treatments, just spread your serum and facial cream in this area at night as well, and extend the application of antioxidants and sun protection during the day to the décolleté.

do exercise

Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do to look younger. A well-defined silhouette will not only make you look better, your skin and bones also benefit and also improve your body posture.

Eat healthier

Food greatly influences the condition of the skin and hair. A diet rich in vegetables can make a difference very quickly, more than any cream

Retinol also in the body

Retinol can also do a lot to improve the appearance of your body’s skin. There are specific creams, but you can also add a few drops of a serum with a low concentration to your usual body moisturizer.

Take care of your hands

The hands are the other great snitch that betrays the royal age. Whenever you wash them, apply a specific moisturizer and use sun protection, especially when you go out.

White teeth

A careful smile is a key to looking younger. It is clear that damaged teeth can greatly affect the image, so a whitening treatment can greatly modify your appearance in a matter of minutes. Of course, always put yourself in the hands of a professional, because, if you do not do it correctly, it can affect the enamel.

The right cut and colour

The haircut you choose and its colour can do a lot for your appearance. A straight mid-length hair with scaled front locks tends to look good on everyone and has an anti-ageing effect. The hair colour, better if it is in warm tones (either blonde or brown) and do not forget what highlights can help you since they visually increase the volume of the hair and bring luminosity to the face.

If you want to wear bangs …

Bangs are a good strategy to hide forehead wrinkles. Avoid the ones that are too light and bet on the bushy ones or the lopsided and scaled ones: they rejuvenate your features.

Paint your lips

Don’t be afraid to paint your lips in bold colours. That will focus the attention on your mouth and will be less revealing of the signs of age. Use a liner to make the shape more defined and then apply a touch of gloss to the center of the upper and lower lip to make your lips look fuller.

Makeup, better fluid

Powder makeup can be your worst enemy if you have wrinkles because it marks them much more and leaves a very unnatural appearance on the skin. Choose fluid foundations, very light, so as not to overload the skin. The blush, the highlighter and the shadows are better in cream or liquid format, they blur better and give a healthier appearance to the skin.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Well-designed, bushy eyebrows are capable of completely transforming the face. If you have little hair, you can always put makeup on. Although, in parallel, you can also use serums that favour the appearance of new hairs on both the eyebrows and eyelashes. Remember that a good mascara works miracles, but you can also try extensions or eyelash lifts.

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