4 Tips To Follow When You Can’t Find A Job

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The present job market is very uncertain, with the pandemic around and the company running in losses. While you might be well settled with your present job and are getting well paid too, the chances of your losing a job still run high. The Covid – 19 pandemic has been around for more than a year now, locking us up in our houses, reducing the demand in the market, pushing companies into extreme losses, and further resulted in companies reducing their employee base to compensate for the losses. This leads to rising unemployment across the world with the numbers of jobless individuals increasing with every passing day.

With a large number of individuals putting themselves out there for a job, the number of candidates applying for one vacancy increases. And if you are unemployed currently this decreases your chance to be shortlisted and getting yourselves a job. Finding yourself an ideal job in these Covid times can prove out to be a tough task. To help you out here are few tips about how to make your candidature stand out, search for jobs efficiently and realize what you might be doing wrong, and figuring out the right way into how to approach a job –

1. Optimize your job searching procedure

To land oneself in today’s job market and to sustain there one has to develop flexibility, remain open to experience, learning, and explore their field. When searching for jobs online,  If you are finding it difficult to locate a vacancy suiting your current profile, you can consider widening your search. You can try and apply for jobs outside but related to your current field of excellence. You should also be open to applying to different cities as it will increase your chances of landing a good and well-paid job. Refrain from letting geography restrict your job search. Be open to moving to different cities for a job or moving to a different country to beg the job of your dreams.

2. Use your network

When searching for job openings try making good use of your network. Connect with your friends, family, relatives even distant ones to ask for their help in your job searching expedition. Also, try building connections with people who are already working in your field and have good knowledge of the market conditions. When you hear of any opening at a company, try looking out for people in your connection who are already working there and reaching out to them. Ask for their help when preparing for an interview and getting to know the work conditions at the company better.

3. Prioritize your job search 

Candidates searching for jobs should be disciplined and strict with your job search procedure. They should make the task their priority to remain updated with all vacancies opening up in the market. Many companies function on a first come first serve basis and sending across your candidature on time can work hugely in favor in such situations. To remain strict and consistent with your job hunting, set yourself timely, weekly, and monthly reminders and goals. You can set goals of applying to six to seven jobs in a week or building at least six connections in a week and writing to them to inquire about job vacancies at their workplace.

4. Map out your Plan B

While you are unemployed and searching for jobs you would still be required to have a source of income to live and feed yourselves and that’s why it gets important to have a fallback plan. In such situations, you can consider part-time jobs, work from home jobs, and internships while you are searching for a permanent stable job in the market. They may pay you less and working hours may not suit your schedule but still, you would be making money to sustain yourself for a time being.

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