5 Apps That Help Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

People love their smartphones dearly. They love them tenderly and earnestly and enthusiastically. So it stands to reason that if one of the best ways to gain someone’s loyalty and affection is to love the things they love, to share their passions and embrace their interests, then the quickest way to a customer’s heart strings are through their smartphones. Luckily, there’s more than one great loyalty app for business generating, dedication inspiring, customer satisfaction. Here’s a list of five great apps to get started spreading the love with.


At this point, Foursquare’s popularity basically speaks for itself. It’s not just Foursquare, but similar geolocation apps which allow users to “check in” at real life locations, enhancing their experience with various tools permitted via the app.

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Foursquare allows users to gain mayoral status based on check-in frequency, and similar apps like Gowalla and Whrrl present the user with bonus items which can be virtually dropped throughout the real world, resulting in rewards for the customer.

The idea behind these geolocation apps is customer investment and interactivity. Turning the act of going to a sandwich shop or shoe store into a virtual game with a higher goal makes consumerism more fun, but also adds value and significance to otherwise dull or meaningless actions. Meaning generates affection and affection spawns loyalty. Presto!


Again, this site may seem like an obvious choice, but Yelp’s power runs deeper now that its app also holds the element of delight. Thanks to improvements in smartphone camera design, the smartphone can become a filter through which potential customers see the world based on what they need to locate.

A hungry customer can hold up their phone and see, not only which restaurants are nearby, but how highly other Yelp customers have rated their food and service.

This may seem like something that no individual business has any control over, but embracing the potential with sites like Yelp is better than dreading the odd dissatisfied customer’s review. Look at it this way: a customer who writes a positive Yelp review has just invested their time and energy to encourage the success of a business they will receive no financial reimbursement from. That’s free advertising from a customer who’s almost twice as likely to return as the average satisfied customer. That’s priceless.


Finally, someone heard your customer’s prayers and invented an app for consolidating stamp cards. The bane of a loyal customer’s wallet, they’ll carry that stupid paper card around until it has practically disintegrated, sandwiched between the stamp card for a business up the street, and another for a business downtown. And when, at point of sale, they can’t find the card they’ve been so determinedly dragging around town for months, they will accept the disaffected offer from a sales person to “start them a new one” knowing their hopes of receiving a kick-back for their devotion is ultimately futile, and that the charade is their only comfort.

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Until the fine day when they walk it a business that has it figured out, the value of ensuring their loyal customer receives an effortless deal. At the point of sale, just by the penny jar there’s a barcode. The customer scans the code with their digital stamp card app from Rezoop or a similarly minded company, and their presence or purchase is logged, and eventually they will reap the benefits. No messy paperwork involved.


A coupon app! This is an obvious win, and there is a wide variety of apps to choose from. SnipSnap brags the ability to loose the paper coupons by scanning and saving printed coupons and still making it possible to redeem them.

Other apps like RetailMeNot look for deals on the fly, allowing the possibility of impulse coupon shopping, which is a huge bonus. Of course, give them a discount and they will come, but give them a discount they can play with on their smartphone, and they’ll come back.


With this clever app, users can connect their credit or debit cards to a corresponding merchant app. If the business doesn’t have a mobile device, LevelUp provides one. Customers use the app to pay via QR code, and the merchant app locates rewards, which businesses are allowed to customize. Once a customer has spent a specified dollar amount at a store using the app: bingo! A loyalty generating discount is granted.

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