5 Things a Yoga Trainer Must Follow

You might think that completing the certified yoga teacher training is all you need to become a professional yoga trainer. However, with the complete knowledge of yoga also comes a lot of responsibility you need to take care of to bring life-transforming changes into your student’s lives. You are responsible for spreading the knowledge of this sacred art as yoga is a permanent lifestyle change and not just the physical practice of asanas.

Therefore, there are some important things you as a professional yoga trainer must follow to help your students move ahead in their yoga journey. Let us find out what these are.

5 Things to Follow as a Professional Yoga Trainer

One thing you should understand is that simply teaching yoga asanas is not what helps you become a professional yoga trainer. Given below are the five things you must follow as a professional yoga trainer.

1. Lifetime Commitment to Personal Yoga Practice

The regular self-practice of yoga makes all the difference between an average and a great yoga teacher. After you become a professional yoga trainer you should know thatit is not just about teaching yoga to students but also continuing your yoga practice. Committing to personal yoga practice helps you dive deeper into yogic practices and prepare to help others move ahead with their yoga practice.

In short, you will only be able to teach yoga to others if you are confident about your abilities to practice the same.

2. Demonstrate and Explain Yoga Asanas in Details

The mark of a professional and experienced yoga teacher is they create a yoga class schedule with the right yoga asana sequences and explain the sequence to their students. It is not just about practicing yoga asana but also about using the right breathing technique with a complete breakdown of the asanas for everyone in the class.

You have to be mentally and physically present during the yoga session to help any student facing difficulty in practicing a specific yoga asana.

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3. Don’t Forget to Include Breathing

Breathing is an important part of yoga practice. By focusing on proper breathing during the yoga practice you bring about a deep and internal change in your body and mind. Inculcating conscious breathing techniques like Pranayama helps you and the students practice meditation and yoga asanas with ease.

In the long run, deep breathing improves your concentration, focus, and enhance yoga asana practice.

4. Keep Learning and Evolving

Your journey towards self-development does not end after you become a professional yoga trainer. You have to keep the fire to learn alive by continuing your yoga education through workshops or yoga retreats.

5. Be a Great Communicator

Deciding to teach yoga to others requires you to develop great communication skills. You need to come up with ways of addressing the class, these can either be a clear tone or words and phrases that everyone understands.


To become a professional yoga trainer you need to put in a lot of effort and dedication. However, even after the training ends you must follow the five things mentioned above to become an exceptional yoga trainer.

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