6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

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If you are the new blogger in the blogosphere and find problems in-built strong backlinks. It’s not only you who can be facing that kind of problem it happened with anyone who is in the blogosphere.

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Especially it happens with the new blogger who has a little knowledge about SEO and poor PR management etc.

If you’re the new blogger and want to find a strengthen information about strong backlinks of your blog I would like tell you about this in this article briefly.

How Can You Build New Backlinks For Your New Blog? Check Below Techniques!
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6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

When I make new a blog, There is the most important thing that I will be followed regularly is to building strong backlinks.

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My all information and other things help to build and make new Google friendly backlinks.

In this article, i will tell you how you can build new and strong backlinks for your blog. All this information about that I will give you in below.

1) Expert round-ups:

Expert round is a very useful and most important way where you are easily asking the question from the expert and they surely answer your questions well because it will increase their information and also gave him good experts ranks.

Now how you can make expert links to all of your pages on their about pages. I mention the method of this below:

The method:

1. Frist thing that you are doing is to make a list of your effective that are related to your field.

2. Check their pages and finding the links that will help you in your blog.

3. You can contact to you next round up. Because I will congrats you on your new backlinks that you get for your effectives.

2) New Backlinks Through blog commenting:

There are so many problems in blogging but if you are looking to find a solution of all those problem blog commenting is a thing that you are looking for.

Another benefit of you from blog commenting is networking with other bloggers.

you can also use blog comment for strong link building poses.


1. In this method, you will see the first thing and that is you searching for blogs with comment luv enable.If you do not know about comment luv it is a plugin that is used to socialize your comment on social media and also verify your posts.

2. Some blogs will give you do follow backlinks after you’re passing a certain of relevant comments. Now that is a thing that will give you many links related to your brand new blog.

3. Comment on all blogs with effective length and words.
4. You will get attractive to your readers for your blog and get more added benefits and also diet value for the post where you are commenting.

3) Get do Follow links through links exchange:

If you looking towards fellow bloggers to get links from them. There is no wonder in that because everyone looking toward them.

If you are looking to get more links there is an important thing you looking for to contact with some awesome contacts.


1. Write those content that help you to solve problems.

2. The follow bloggers that have same topic to you contact them to get links

3. Well, know that thing just follow well-recognized sites, not any website like yours.

4. Email all of those and tell him that you have linked with them.

5. When they are seen you that you activity is going well then they will like you back and that way you can start getting backlinks.

4) Use ‘Ask & Get’ Formula:

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There is nothing wrong in asking something to other for backlinks.

There are so many people who is asking for backlinks to a little piece of trust and actually get the result to get backlinks.


1. Write a contact with awesome wordings.

2. Find about that article that are written your follower bloggers in the similar topic.

3. Connect with those people and tell him that follow the links and also share this with their friends and followers.

5) Interview Pro Bloggers:

This is a method that is similar to a first method. I will tell in this method that if any experts that he/she will answer yours some question related your topic.

They will give you so many tips and information and also make you able to get backlinks information from them.

6) Master the art of writing nothing but awesome content:

Awesome content that you will give you all important information and solve the problem of the readers and also give that kind of things that are not given or issue before.

writing linkable content

I would like to give an example on how you can this. Suppose you have an article on Getting traffic from google plus solve the traffic problem and gives my readers a new site.

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