6 Stupid Mistakes Students Make And How Technology Can Help

Stupid Mistakes Students

Being a student these days is tough – sky high tuition costs, fierce competition for demeaning part-time jobs and only shaky employment prospects and crippling debt to look forward to when you graduate. But that doesn’t mean you have to make matters worse by committing stupid mistakes. We all know how hard it is to avoid destructive habits. Chin up. Technology is here to help you.

Overpaying for Textbooks

You’ve got to be sharp when it comes to buying textbooks. If you aren’t, those pricey “must haves” for class can put a serious dent in your wallet. The Amazon Student app makes it a snap to shop smarter and compare text book prices. Simply scan the barcode for an instant price check. At the end of the semester, Amazon’s convenient trade-in program lets you turn your textbooks into Amazon Gift Cards. Bonus: College students who Join the Amazon Student program get FREE Two-Day Shipping for six months with Amazon Prime shipping benefits. The Amazon Student app is free and available for iPhone and Android.

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Cramming For Exams

Just like shell art and chin beards, cramming for exams is so over. Savvy students know the best way to ace a test and pass the class is to review course information periodically and in an organized manner. Unfortunately, thanks to the overwhelming amount of distractions students routinely face, it’s tough to stick to a regimented study schedule. That’s where Course Hero comes in. Through their system of online flashcards combined with something called Optimal Learn, stressful, nonproductive cramming is a thing of the past. Once you select a timeline, Course Hero creates a customized program that will challenges you with quizzes and remind you when to study. You can thank us when you make the Dean’s List.

Not Participating in Extracurricular Activities

The educational experience isn’t just attending classes and taking tests, the learning process also includes participating in extracurricular activities and forming lasting bonds that you can exploit when you are looking for work after graduation. Foursquare for Universities helps alumni, staff and students connect with each other. If the program is available on your campus, use it to find new and interesting things to do, earn rewards for exploring local haunts and of course, amass all those super impressive Foursquare badges. Your school’s not a member yet, you say? You can sign up for the Foursquare ambassador program to help get your university involved in the Foursquare experience.

Choosing Bad Professors

There’s no bigger drag than enrolling in a class only to learn your professor is a dud. Thanks to the crowd sourcing of information over at Rate My Professors you can benefit from other students mistakes and triumphs when it comes to selecting your instructors. In addition, each year Rate My Professors compiles a list of the top professors based ratings and comments from students. Find out who the highest rated and hottest professors around and if your school made the grade on the highest rated schools list.

Taking Horrible Notes

Everyone knows how important it is to take killer notes, yet when study time rolls around most students find themselves staring at disorganized nonsense. The problem? Taking notes can be a mundane task that tends toward chaos. That’s where Notes Plus comes in. Notes Plus is a note taking tool that combines handwriting with typed text. The program allows you to “handwrite” with your index finger and amazingly, your text will show up as fine as with pen and paper. You can also insert typed text in all sorts of fonts and colors anywhere on the page. The editing feature makes it simple to clean up your notes and structure them for optimal learning. Best of all, Notes Plus lets you record audio while furiously scribbling down information, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

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Spending Beyond Their Means

Living on a budget can be a daunting task. If you are a rich kid with a fat trust fund, congratulations, you can skip this entry. For the rest of the world, one of the most difficult challenges students face and one they often mess up is living within their means. The Pocket Money system is simple. You start by entering all your income and expenses as they happen across multiple accounts such as credit cards, savings, and checking accounts. The program then analyzes your overall financial health by using the built-in reporting features. Charts can help you visualize overspending and target areas to cut back. A few minutes a day using PocketMoney will help you avoid the tragedy and stress of being overextended.

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