7 Western Dresses Types You Need for All Your Casual Outings

Western Dresses
Western Dresses

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” – Kenzo Takada  

Now that is true because fashion enthusiasts are always on the lookout for something new and adding variety to their wardrobe. When it comes to western dress for girls, they are the modern outfit essential for almost every occasion.   

As we see, the modern fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. With the amalgamation of different cultures blended with unique designs by designers across the world, modern fashion is becoming increasingly vibrant and is changing at a fast pace. So much so that there is a huge demand for women’s western wear online.   

Today we talk about 7 must-have western dresses for girls, to rock their casual outings. We all love to stand out in the crowd also the dress better be Instagram worthy, so here are our quick picks for all those who are browsing women’s western wear online.  

1. T-shirt dresses  

western dress for girls
western dresses

The number one in our list of western dress for girls is the easy comfy outfit loved by all, the t-shirt dresses. It is popular among teenagers and young girls and is amongst the mainstream trends in casual dresses. If you are one of those girls who like to ditch the fancy party and cocktail dresses, pair your t-shirt dress with some nice blingy shoes and a denim jacket and there you got the look for your movie date or birthday dinners.   

2. Dungaree Dresses  

Another popular search amongst the women western wear online are the dungarees, they have made a comeback in the mainstream trend after being forgotten for a long time. These are mostly of black or blue denim, with pockets and shoulder straps. While traditional dungaree is either pants or skirts teamed up with t-shirts you can find the new variant which is more of a dress and the t-shirt can be excluded very well.   

3. Bodycon dresses  

western dress for girls
western dresses

These dresses are one of the most sold-out garments in online shopping sites for clothes. These dresses are available in mini, midi, and maxi variants with different sleeve styles. The bodycon dresses as the name suggests are body-hugging dresses and are both fashionable and chic. These dresses are mainly available in the polyester material as elasticity is important here. If you are someone who loves to flaunt your fitness this is probably the dress for you.   

4. Strapless dresses  

Strapless dresses

Introduced in the 1930s the dress surely hasn’t lost its popularity from the minis to strapless gowns these are one of the top pics for parties and dinners and evening outings. The popularity of strapless dresses can be measured from the fact that these are the most worn dresses on the red carpet. Thus, naturally, the fashion divas accessorize your dress with a statement piece of jewelry with a high ponytail and there you have the perfect look to draw all the spotlight on you.   

5. Slip dress 

Slip dress

Stylish dress with spaghetti type thin straps is synonymous with summer fashion and bitch outings. These dresses are one of the best picks for pool parties as well. For those who are not comfortable wearing a slip dress, you can wear a monochrome t-shirt beneath the dress and make it look even more stylish. The dress can be a good option for winters as well pairs with a turtle neck t-shirt or a woolen top, or even a blazer with a nice pair of boots. If you haven’t tried this look yet, we would suggest you should, you can buy these dresses on any online shopping sites for clothes, in different colors and prints.   

6. Shirtdress  


The appearance of this dress resembles that of a shirt, hence the name. It was introduced by Dior as a part of their ‘new look design’ way back in the 1950s and the dress has made its comeback in recent times with more popularity. The dress is an elongated shirt worn with a wide contrast belt to define the waistline. The best part of these dresses is they suit any body type age and height. You team these dresses with some tights nice pair of boots and layer with either a coat or a blazer. Who says dresses can’t be worn in winters?  

7. Shift dress  

Shift dresses have made a comeback after a brief disappearance from the glamour scene. It has been an instant hit after its reappearance. The list of latest trends amongst the western dress for girls can’t be completed without a mention of these pretty little silhouettes and timeless classics. While most of these dresses are available in monochrome, you can now also find subtle prints and vibrant colors to channelize the inner diva in you. Surely, a dress to wear to make the head turn when you enter the party.   

So now that you know the list get on to shopping. Online shopping for women’s outfit is the best part of the technology, we can’t bet otherwise. The online shopping sites for clothes and all other shopping websites earn millions overnight only on the sale of fashion products and why not, with the variety available why do we keep our wardrobes boring?  

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