8 Signs of Your Burst Pipe to Solve them Quickly


Whether it is sudden pipe burst or leaky pipe in your home or office, the first thing you should do is to call your plumber immediately. The water damage does not damage the flooring and soften drywalls but spreads several contaminants making the area completely unsafe. There can be 8 signs of having a burst pipe. This blogpost discusses about 8 signs of a burst pipe for getting effective solutions so that you can solve the problem quickly.

Burst Pipe to Solve them Quickly

1. Puddles

When a puddle grows significantly on turning the water, there is a possibility of pipe burst. Smaller drips also denote a leakage. Having a burst means the water will pool under the pipes but move through the walls. When you experience a burst under bathroom sink, the area below will collect most of the water. But the floor around the bathroom and toilet will have puddles when the pipe bursts. With a leakage the water will probably remain beneath the sink.

2. Problem in water pressure

Water pressure denotes a problem as burst pipe can affect how well water passes through the pipes. Having low water pressure may point a leakage or burst. When there is a burst pipe, the water flows directly through the hole than the faucet which decreases water pressure. This will lead to inadequate water supply and so, it is important to solve it immediately.  

3. Wall stains

Stains can happen for a few reasons though large water stains on the walls generally denote a problem with pipes. These stains seem to be there on the ceiling and location of stains will point to the place where pipe bursts mostly. So, wall stains are some indicators of a burst pipe as it is easy to identify where exactly the burst had happened. Before attempting anything on your call, you need to hire a professional plumber for the task. 

4. Discolored water

Discoloration of water denotes a burst pipe though strange colors point to various other issues. For example, the brownish water can be due to greater concentration of manganese though it does not always mean the pipe had burst. Yet, having reddish water indicates there is rust in the pipes which can cause bursts. It is advisable to keep an idea on the color of water and if any other signs appear. 

5. Higher water bill

The high water bills are denote burst pipes and excessive amounts of water leakage through the break or hole. This can waste water and add up to your bills. Besides, a pipe burst may affect water pressure as you may have to use more water for getting satisfactory pressure. 

6. Water smells

When there is any kind of smell from water, this is a common indication of burst pipe. Though water smells may happen due to several reasons, a metallic smell with other symptoms indicates a pipe burst. If the rust causes the break, the water may appear reddish and smell like a metal. 

7. Water sounds

Water sounds are another sign and when you hear constant drip, a pipe inside the wall is a possibly the cause for the noise. You will have to check for other water fixtures before assuming there is a pipe burst. Also, tube, sinks or toilets can create water noises from time to time. Make sure you get rid of all such causes so that you are aware that the pipes are actually the cause. 

8. Pipe noises

The metallic clangs and other pipe noises may denote movement of pipe, causing bursts and leaks. The pipes usually shake when the water flows through them and there is a break. You will hardly hear the sound of water in pipes for normal situations. But a burst pipe will move more depending on the size of breakage.

When facing plumping issues, the supply of water can stop or there can be water overflow. Many people think a pipe burst is a dramatic situation which may be quite subtle, when the pipe remains hidden behind the walls. This can cause extreme damage to your property when you do not fix the problem on time. So, it is better that you get in touch with a provider who offers emergency plumbing services in London. This will enable you to solve all your plumbing problems in the most efficient way.

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