All About Having Indoor Plants As Your Interior Decor


Nurturing plants indoors is an age-old practice, the beginning of which has been lost in annals of history. This practice cab is found worldwide, and some cultures believe some indoor plants bring prosperity, luck, health, and wealth. With fast life culture and lack of personal gardening spaces especially in big cities, it is difficult to maintain the habit of spending time with plants, unless one keeps them indoors.

indoor plants
indoor plants

Keeping indoor plants can have positive effect on life

Plants are beautiful, and they can bring rejuvenation in the lives of those who nurture them. It has been recorded that plats have positive effects on people’s lives who keeps them close, and they are known to have brighten the mood also. Indoor plants can bring a substantial change in interior decoration of any home, hotels or offices.

Not all plants can be kept indoors save a few, and nowadays, it is getting harder to find perfect choice of plants to keep because of constantly growing urban culture. Fortunately, many nurseries, like the British nursery Dubai is offering to deliver the choice of plant in your doorstep, which is a big win for nature lovers.

What plants can be called indoor plants

Sizable and requiring low amount of sustenance plants are commonly called indoor plants. Any nursery in Dubai has a grand collection of well sought out indoor plants. These types of plats generally require very low level of light or water to survive and are known to be less likely to deal with bugs.

Caring for indoor plants

Although, indoor plants do not require too much attention to stay alive, one should know a few details about caring plant before obtain one. I can get a beautiful indoor plant from any nursery near me, but it will wither and die unless I learn how to keep it alive. Some tips about caring for indoor plants are as follows:

  • The potting soil should not be too wet, or too dry, just moist enough.
  • The plant pot must have drainage hole at the bottom
  • The plant should be placed near a light source
  • Checking must be done on regular intervals in case of pests

How to choose an indoor plant

Before getting any indoor plant, it is of paramount importance to understand the parameters to select a good indoor plant. A wise choice of indoor plant should have a good root system, which should be thick and of light color. The foliage of a good household plant should be thick enough, and there should be no sign of pests or disease like white dots or sticky residue. A short tour to anynursery near city walk canbe enough to understand these key-points first hand.

Some good choices for indoor plants

As it is mentioned earlier, good indoor plants can thrive on low light and less than humid conditions. They can be beneficial to human health as well. Human mind, with association with plants, retains a sense of calm, which is very helpful for keeping sound and balanced psychological state. Some example of great choices for indoor plants could be

Aglaonema, which is very beautiful, and stays in perfect shape to keep indoors.It is known to improve the air quality of the room in which it is kept, and as a plant, it emits oxygen, which enriches health and increases productivity.

Aspidistra is another option one might look into, which does not require a lot of attention, and its stems and roots are useful for treatment of cramps, injuries and urinary stones.

Some indoor plants like Succulents can be hungry for sunlight, but their presence can have significant positive effect on interior decoration, and it also helps to regulate indoor humidity.

One of the most effective air pacificator indoor plants is Dracaena, which removes harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde, which makes it beneficial to health.

Philodendron is another example of great natural air purifier, which creates a healthier room environment, and these beautiful plants have aesthetic qualities as well.

Keeping indoor plants can be a very good habit, which is very beneficial to health, and living with plants gives one a sense of staying close to nature.

“Keeping indoor plants can be a very good habit, which is very beneficial to health, and living with plants gives one a sense of staying close to nature.”

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