All You Need To Know About Astrology

Know About Astrology

Astrology is one of the most ancient practices of India. Best Astrologer India are highly famous and knows the connection between the planets and stars, celestial bodies, and cycles on the earth. Since starting of earth the Sun and the Moon rule our calenders, and the map’s sky has guided travelers and sailors across times.

Zodiac signs in astrology:

Aries (ruled by Mars): It is the first sign, expressing a lot about it. Aries likes to flame a new path; it illustrates the effort to be born and push out to become a person. They want challenges, feels and thrills the need to take action. Aries solely take responsibility for their destiny and not wait for others to begin. They follow their course.

Taurus (ruled by Venus): It concentrates and connects with the earth, like a tree hardly rooted into the ground. Taurus interfaces with the world through the love of food, the senses, sexuality, and art. They seek stability and comfort and hence will resist change.

Gemini Air (ruled by Mercury): It is a mental sign that attempts to understand and find logic in existence. It will be adaptable and flexible in pursuing learning. Gemini can be happiest when mentally stimulated and can multitask effortlessly. It symbolizes the twins that correspond to the diversity.

Cancer (ruled by the Moon): Cancer is emotionally responsive and attempts to provide/receive support in the massive world. Cancer is associated with mothering, nurturing mother, and offering a sense of security in life.

Leo (ruled by the Sun): Leo illustrates the life force and the requirement to create so that life goes on. It works from love life and all livings. Leo is creative, dramatic, generous, and optimistic. It illustrates children and they have themselves the childlike ability to find happiness in every moment. 

Virgo (ruled by Mercury): Virgo demonstrates the essence of work, the need to promote and do your share. Virgos have refined tastes and are very skilled. They are ultimately health conscious and look after their bodies and diets.

Libra (ruled by Venus): It illustrates the aspiration to find fairness and balance. They are inept and considerate at negotiation, mediation, and finding a compromise because they yearn for harmony and balance.

Scorpio (ruled by Mars and Pluto): Scorpios only expose a small segment of themselves. Scorpios see transmuting darkness into light, empowerment. They ultimately honest with others and themselves

Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter): Sagittarius trust in the more significant potential of life. They believe that ‘there is more in life to experience than this. Sagittarius can be raw and wild but often are teachers, scholars, and travelers.

Capricorn (ruled by Saturn): Capricorns are ambitious and patients to attain their goals. They are the keepers of laws who become role models and educate people about what works and what is right.

Aquarius (ruled by Saturn and Uranus):  It attempts to determine solutions to existing problems. They like heights to get the edge point and will often predict what is coming ahead. They are genius, have unique minds. Also, they seek the company of their peers and friends.

Pisces (ruled by Jupiter and Neptune): The last sign illustrates the return to the more extensive force of life. They are passive, so they either feel supported or blessed by the universe and feel lucky or trap into victim modes where people offer them a hard time and life isn’t fair. Pisces like nature and simplicity.

Some of the definitions of significant planets understood by the Best Astrologer India are as follows:

The Sun (rules Leo) is the filter our soul chooses when we take birth in this lifetime. It describes how we go about serving as co-creators in life and shows our sense of purpose, how we shine bright and keep the passion burning, giving a fulfilling life. It shows who you are. The Sun illustrates children and men in our lives. In short, father in particular.

The Moon (rules Cancer) reflects the lens through which we experience things; it’s like a filter through which we connect emotionally with life. It illustrates the extensive mother archetype that includes our feminine side and how we process and respond emotionally to what life offers us—The Moon symbolizes home, mother, and family.

Mercury ( rules Virgo and Gemini) is the planet of mind. It portrays how we mentally figure out things and find our path. Its position shows how we write, think, and interact to gather data from life surrounding us. It illustrates common knowledge, literacy, transport, media, and mobility.

Venus (rules Libra and Taurus) illustrates our general sense and values of satisfaction, how we relate with others, and how we prioritize our values. In addition, Venus portrays whom we connect, what we love, and what our relationship requirements are. Finally, Venus also specifies how we show our attitudes and management towards finances and find pleasure in life and the senses.

Mars ( rules Aries, and secondary ruler to Scorpio) represents the primal and raw vitality of being defensive and assertive. Thus, Mars determines the strength we got, and the mode of action to attain our goals. It is a masculine force, defining our needs and sexual drives and how we overcome and defy the obstacles. Mars can reveal how we maintain our anger when there is discrimination and the courage to fight for rightful incitement.

Jupiter (rules Sagittarius, and secondary ruler to Pisces) is the most significant physical planet of the solar system and portrays both in spirit and size. Jupiter is an extensive mechanism of life and can extend our horizons through enthusiasm, travel, plain good luck, and spirituality. Jupiter portrays the opportunities have in life and how to make it in profusion. 

Saturn ( Capricorn and the secondary ruler to Aquarius) is the prominent teacher and the keeper of the higher laws. Saturn portrays the requirement for alignment to make the difference between what works versus wish thinking. It contracts and limits imposes responsibilities and obligations and further reflects the rewards that come with the period from the fruit of our hard work. Saturn spiritually represents the law of Karma.

Uranus (Aquarius) connects the earth with the sky and represents the intelligent mind, spiritual channels, and sciences. Uranus impulse to upgrade our lives, both mentally with higher awareness and practically through new technology. It also represents social connections, team works, and friendships.

Neptune (Pieces) rules the planet of spirituality, beaconing us the principles of unity in the universe. Neptune represents greater than that of ego and beyond comprehension and control; therefore, it brings chaos and confusion and higher inspiration and guidance.

Pluto (Scorpio) is Shiva. The force of regeneration and destruction to create transformation. Pluto encourages us to confront our limitations and represents the words of shadows so that we may evolve our consciousness.

Conclusion: Best Astrologer India uses the given above astrology chart and, with the help of the exact time and location of birth, tells the further happenings in the person’s destiny. 

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