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Bringing in advanced automation solutions to track employee time and attendance more effectively, both on-premises and at WFH, is the secret to business success today. Applicant tracking system today provides companies with all they need to track and control their employees’ time. It enables you to create configurations that are customised to your company’s necessities. Employees are an essential component of every company. They put in the necessary hours to help the company meet its goals, and they are paid for their efforts. They do, however, have the right to take time off work to maintain a balanced work-life balance and attend to personal needs.

Attendance Management System

They might also need to rearrange their schedules, log in late or leave early in some cases. Companies must keep track of each employee’s hours worked, leaves taken, extra hours worked, and other factors to properly pay them and assess employee productivity. Employees are treated as the organisation’s assets and the most critical source of potential creativity and development. As a result, keeping track of employee time and attendance may have a significant financial effect. Employee experience is having a substantial impact on how the company operates.

Implementing attendance management and call-out policy is one of the simplest ways to boost the team’s experience. Attendance management systems have traditionally cost businesses a lot of time and resources, from outdated punch cards to administrative workers manually recording call-outs in a spreadsheet. However, using phone lines to power an automated service saves the organisation time and money. Managing the workers’ time off/leave manually using conventional methods such as paper forms, excel spreadsheets, and emails is time-consuming. It’s more than about accepting time off when it comes to leave management. It also entails checking the company’s leave policies, laws, and individual employee leave balances, among other things.

What is Attendance Management?

HR managers are relieved of their pain and annoyance with Timecheck Software. It helps them control labour costs by calculating overall work time, overtime, late in and early out for each employee in compliance with company policies. This tool will monitor and manage your remote workers’ attendance, making it easier for your HR team to keep track of everything. The method of tracking and documenting an employee’s time spent at work is known as an attendance management system. This not only aids companies in calculating the real salary owed to each employee, but it also makes enforcement easier. Inaccurate time monitoring can result in expensive regulatory enforcement issues.

Errors are likely to occur if accurate and reliable time data is not collected from the workers and converted to the HRM system. Noncompliance, payroll mistakes, low employee morale, and a drop in the bottom line are possible outcomes. Internal reporting is required when an employee is sick, late, or has to call out of work. Management must be informed so that a replacement can be identified for the change if necessary. An attendance management system controls the internal monitoring process and keeps track of any aspect relevant to the employee’s call-out in this case.

Every state has its own set of statutory rules, and even minor infractions may result in irreversible harm to an entity. Companies should use an Attendance Management System to comply with these requirements and make auditing processes more effective and stress-free. Paper attendance sheets and google sheets are some of the more common attendance management methods. Attendance Management has changed dramatically over the years as technology has advanced at a breakneck pace.

Online attendance capture

The most straightforward and transparent way to capture attendance without door control access is through an online attendance capture mechanism. HR managers can log in to keep in touch with their employees and can gain valuable insight into the activities of a dispersed, decentralised workforce. An in-depth analysis of trends will help you understand the effect of labour on your company. It enables businesses to simplify their entire attendance management system, allowing workers to sign in and out on the go using smartphone or laptop devices. The majority of companies rely on a pen and paper time tracking system. Employees may also make mistakes on timesheets, especially if they are unable to recall information days later. Your employees’ experience will deteriorate without adequate organisation and request services. Employees are also unable to adapt to your procedure. 


It’s a great way to keep track of workers who work on-site or at various locations. Employees may use it to monitor their attendance within a set of parameters. Unlike biometrics or RFID, this attendance system does not require installation and can be combined with other critical components such as payroll and leave management. Today, more than ever, the ability to quickly obtain reliable records of employee work hours and time off taken is critical. An automated system’s time and attendance data will assist the organisation in complying with labour laws requiring proof of attendance. Your workers would find it simple to buy into your attendance management software thanks to the AI-powered HR Call-Out Line. Our product makes it easy for you to spot problems with employee attendance and experience by allowing workers to use it consistently and providing leadership with accurate, clean absenteeism data. It takes time and effort to manually monitor each employee’s absence record to accept their leave applications.

attendance management software


Spreadsheets appear user-friendly and comfortable for the HR team to manage when an organisation is relatively small. Employee time monitoring that is automated reduces errors and increases performance. Compliance with labour laws regarding evidence of attendance, wage, and work-hour rules is ensured by a time and attendance management system. An attendance management system is a system that tracks employee absences and can help you better understand the absenteeism rates. Attendance management software enhances the employees’ experience to promote process adoption and increase employee retention. Managing the same tasks involved in time-off procedures, such as application approvals and rejections, and synchronising the leaves with payroll, can become stressful as the company expands.

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