Best Things to do in San Francisco

Best Things to do in San Francisco

The extensive corporate happenings in San Francisco have resulted in the explosion of culture, arts, and tourism in the county. From the iconic golden bridge to the sinister Alcatraz island prison, the city has a history of its own while being the flag bearers of change in the fields of technology. If you want to see an amalgamation of corporate, artistic, and native lifestyles, this is the place you should visit. Let’s look at the best things to do in San Francisco.

San Francisco, officially called the city and county of San Fransico, might just be a stretch of seven miles. However, this slight stretch is the innovation hub of northern California or the world, if I may say so. San Francisco has the highest number of technical professionals working in and around the cradle of the world’s most extensive silicon valley. The county is the fourth most populous region in California and has become a melting pot for different ethnicities to live and earn together.

One shouldn’t plan a trip before actually taking it. Still, if you plan to take a trip to this crazy city, I would suggest you go through this post just to get a rough idea of the best things to do in San Francisco, as things can get a little confusing sometimes, and you need to have a backup ready.

  • Visit the iconic golden gate bridge.

One of the most iconic monuments of San Francisco and one of the most pictured locations globally, a trip to this county isn’t complete without clicking a picture of the Golden Gate bridge. Painted golden-orange, the bridge gets its name from the ‘Golden straight’ connecting the pacific ocean to Francisco bay.

Lying on the edge of west coast America, the cold and warm water currents meet below the bridge every winter, creating a highly dense layer of fog all around the area. If you are lucky enough while visiting, you might as well see this beauty.

  • Take a ferry to Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island is a tiny rocky landmass in the middle of Francisco Bay. The island has been an intriguing occurrence in popular culture, owing to its gruesome past of being a federal prison for some of America’s biggest crime lords, including Al Capone. 

Although the federal prison shut down in 1982 because of high maintenance costs and poor staff, it is still a prominent tourist spot and generated over a million-dollar revenue every day. Interestingly, many airlines like Frontier Airlines book a flight directly to visit the island.

  • Stroll around the golden Gate Park.

The western coast alternative to New York’s Central Park, The Golden Gate Park is a 1000 acre stretch of gardens, trails, picturesque locations, stadiums, community centers, libraries, and every other facility available. Although bigger than Central Park in size, the Gate park does not even get half the visitors as its New York counterpart, resulting in a much calmer and hassle-free trip.

If you are in the city for a week or say, I would suggest you spend atleast a few hours every day at this place because you can’t discover it whole in an entire lifetime.

  • Travel in Cable Cars.

Cable Cars tracks are the veins of San Francisco city, and the cable cars the actual blood. Any trip to the county is half-hearted if you don’t travel in Cable cars. It is the best way to explore the city, know about its culture, and interact with the natives living in the city. 

Conceptualized in the 1800s by Andrew Smith Hallidie, it was a way to commute easily irrespective of the city’s tiresome sloppy terrain.

  • Visit the iconic street of Castro.

The Castro Neighbourhood in middle San Francisco is the place Harvey Milk was born. Harvey was the first openly gay public official in California and one of the firsts in the world. He was the one who put gay rights on the international map and worked toward them. The street still has its official working space-Camera shop called the Castro Camera.

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Today the Castro street is the most LGBTQIA+ friendly neighborhood in America and is said to be the Gay capital of the world. If you are someone from the LGBT community, visiting the place is one of the best things to do in San Francisco. 

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