Best Way To Install Wood Fence Posting

Install Wood Fence Posting

The wood fence is one of the best ways to decorate your garden, and the best part is, it’s perfectly suited for a DIY. There can be more than one motive to install a fence, it can be just to enhance the look of your home, or it is also used as the front line of defense against uninvited visitors. If you are ready to take on this project, then make sure you prepare all the material including post and filling. Don’t forget to gather the necessary tools. A couple of online videos can improve your skills greatly, and if you can ask someone to join you in fence installation it would be great. Use the following passages to complete the installation.

Choose a durable wood fence

The selection of posts is the most important part because if you are looking for a durable installation, then the posts must be perfect. A good post is straight and doesn’t have any curves, and make sure you choose the right quality of wood. The quality of wood depends on your climate because if you have a rainy climate, then you must choose a suitable wood type that can withstand water. Otherwise, your posts will rot away quickly. Take a piece of advice from a professional to choose the right fence products and hire a professional if you feel necessary.

Prepare the posts and dig a hole

Preparing the posts is crucial to ensure the durability of the fence. That’s why you must cut the post at an angle of 45 degrees because it is necessary to enhance the drainage of moisture. Afterward, use a repellent-like paint to color the bottoms. When your posts are ready it is time to dig a hole where your posts can fit. Remember that the hole has to be filled with concrete as well, that’s why it must have suitable spacing for cheap fencing products. Usually, a six-inch hole is enough, but depending on the height of the pole you might have to dig deeper.

Fill the hole with gravel

The fence needs stable ground in the holes. Otherwise, when placing a post inside the hole it can go deeper with time due to the soil shifting. So, make sure to fill up the holes with gravel or crushed stones and damp it well to form a stable ground for the posts. The filling of gravel also improves the drainage because during heavy rain when the rainwater somehow reaches the gravel it drains even further in the ground without causing trouble to the post’s stability. You would be needing the damping tool because it is crucial for stability.

Use concrete to stabilize

The posts must be stabilized with concrete to ensure a hundred percent stability. The concrete acts as a seal and it doesn’t allow any moisture to get in and damage the post and its positioning. Choose a good quality material for filling up the hole and avoid filling up with soil all the time because it can easily slip and cause instability. The concrete is a sealant that stops moisture from getting close to the bottom of the post and it also creates weight at the bottom of the post so the ground can hold it even tighter.

Caulk the fence

Finally, you have to seal up the post hole completely with an acrylic coating. You can easily purchase it in the supermarket and follow the instructions for its application. It is a repellent that seals the gaps between the post and concrete. It is important because this is where the water makes its entry into the post and cause damages. People often think that it is not necessary but they have to discover its significance the hard way. So, seal it up and ensure a longer lifespan.

The addition of any wood structure makes your home even more beautiful and the fence is one of the most elegant of them. Once you’ve installed the fence make sure you paint it well to protect it from water damages. If you have followed the above guidelines, rest assured you’ve done a good job installing the post. If you think of it is as a big challenge, then it would be better to hire professionals for the job.

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