Color Trends 2023: What Colors To Wear This Festive Season


Colors play a huge role in increasing the happiness level of the wearer because our eye vision is directly related to our color preferences and also different colors have different impacts on happiness levels. Everyone has their liking and dislikes about colors.

Few hues are unique and timeless such as pink, maroon, and violet due to their low color value and high vibrancy which is extremely popular in India. Few color styles come out as fads like neons and ombre. For the festive season, some of the most captivating and delightful colors are trending that we are sharing with you.

Colors To Wear This Festive Season

The Subtle Tints of Pink

The tints of pink never lose their charm. The pink color communicates love, femininity, and youth. Conventionally, pink is linked with everything girly but with time, the meaning has been changed and modified to a certain point. The best tints you can choose from pink color are carnation pink, lavender-pink, baby pink, and other pastel pink. Enjoy your festivities fullest with the pink color dresses with alluring embroideries. Sharara suits, Anarkali suits,s, and Patiala suits will be the amazing festive attires. You can make them more appealing with fabulous accessories and flaunt them at the event.

The Neutral Peaches

Peach was not a favorite choice for the majority of people earlier but later on due to the light tint craze in the festivities and weddings, it has become one of the most popular choices of the people of the ladies. The color peaches give a feeling of comfort and calmness.

You can combine this tint with related shades of peach to get a fabulous look and put it with other matching shades like gold and mint blue. Peach blends with silk and satin textures beautifully, hence dhoti pants with a peplum top and other garments with different folds should be preferred for the best looks. The innocence and modesty that this color brings to your look are impeccable.

The Vibrancy of Blues

The shades of blue color are popular in the traditional color palette. It belongs to the cupboard of tranquillity and calmness. It evokes a sense of serenity. Primary blue like navy and blue never goes out of style as the majority of Indians also like themselves in dark colors. It looks awesome on you with embroidery work and feels like a queen. Even something such as A-line kurtas and straight-cut pants can elevate your looks. The embroidery work looks so great on blue color fabric and adds more charm to your personality.

The Regal Champagne Hue

Champagne is one of the most popular beverages served at parties and events. The name itself is a symbol of joy, happiness, and celebrations. It is a classy and luxurious fabric that is majorly adopted by various countries worldwide. India is also preferring this fabulous color and the new generation is considering it luxurious and stylish in indigo prints.

To ace this shade, you should consider this classic color in various ethnic wear. These fabrics are ultra-modern and reflect the true ethnicity of your outfit. Go for a plain champagne silk Anarkali suit or satin saree and pair them with ivory jewelry to be the center of attraction at the event.

The deadly combination of white and gold

White is the world’s most natural color, and many flowers, plants, and places reflect its existence. The sophistication and refinement that it enters change your mindset about the white color. The composition of gold and white will have impeccably alluring to your eyes as both colors are fabulous together. Both of them look advanced and rich. To make a bewitching festive fit go for Anarkali suits, indigo suit sets, palazzo pant suits, or your western suits.


Lavender can be a great color for your spring wardrobe addition. It is a great neutral color. It is classic, calming, and inviting that can be styled properly. You can incorporate it in different ways such as jackets, bags, fashion pieces, jewelry, shoes, and scarves. A dictionary of color identified three major shades of it lavender gray, lavender floral, and lavender blue. Check out lavender hues on the spectrum and find the one that will best complement the majority of the basic colors in your wardrobe.


In conclusion, fashion colors are constantly changing and rapidly evolving. While some colors have a longer lifespan and others last for short period. Few colors are timeless like white and blue but today different other playful colors like green, blue, lavender, peaches, champagne, and lots more are trending in the market. Get your favorite colors outfit online and flaunt them at the event.

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