Complete Guide About The Skilled Independent Visa

Skilled Independent Visa

If the skilled independent visa is approved for a person, they can also invite relatives to stay and travel for a term of 5 years in Australia. They are also eligible to become a citizen of Australia if they can meet the eligibility criteria. However, as a newcomer to the country, the person might have to wait for sometime before they can access the government benefits and payments.

The skilled independent visa for Australia appears with multiple responsibilities as well as rights. This kind of visa allows a person to stay in Australia permanently, enjoy the benefits, study there. It also allows them to enrol in the medical system of the country. This system allows the people residing in Australia to avail medical facilities at low or no costs.

Inclusion of family members in the application

The skilled independent visa includes a family component feature that allows the family members to be included in the application. According to the Australian government rules, a person is referred to as a family member if he or she is a spouse or any de-facto partner. It also includes dependent or stepchild or dependent or step-grandchild. Before the family members are included in the application, they must satisfy all the character and health requirements of the Australian government.

Cost of visa

The current value of the Australian visa is decent and is around 4 Australian dollars. It involves the cost of the application and other sub expenditure of the family members included in the application. However, there might be additional charges for the members above the age of 18 years if they lack English language skills. This fee is charged for the second time only if the application of visa is successful. Apart from these type of expenditures, other additional charges involve a cost for health checks, biometrics and police certificates.

Benefits of having a skilled independent visa

There are multiple benefits of having a skilled independent visa for Australia.

  • A person can reside in Australia as a temporary or permanent resident.
  • Access the scheme of medical healthcare.
  • Pursue base level as well as advanced education.
  • Over time, can apply for citizenship.
  • Offer their relatives for having permanent residence.

Processing time of the visa

The application of the skilled independent visa can be filled even if you live outside Australia. The processing time of the visa can vary depending on several situations. Every application of an individual is assessed case by case. Time of the application is based on the supporting documents and completion of the entire application, request for extra information and the time taken to complete the necessary checks. If the added information is obtained from the agencies like character, health and national security, then it may consume more time.

The processing time of the skilled independent visa depends on the complications involved in the application of an individual. It allows a person to reside in Australia and travel for a term of 5 years. You can also apply for citizenship once you meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, a skilled independent visa is highly beneficial for those who plan to stay in Australia in the coming days, especially for the students.

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