How Much Does It Cost To Construct A Two-Bedroom Granny Flat?


Granny flats have become a popular concept in recent years and owing to their usefulness; many people are now looking for converting the extra space in their house or premises into a granny flat. These are highly versatile housing that can be used for accommodating people, extended family, putting it out on rent, and even converting them into a lounge area.

Based on your requirements, you can convert the granny flat into your desired place. There are different granny flats, and based on space availability, you can convert that extra space into the desired granny flats.

Types of Granny Flats:

If you search for the popular design of granny flats, then you will come across different types:

  1. 1 bedroom granny flat
  2. 2 bedroom granny flat
  3. 3 bedroom granny flat

Our focus of discussion in this blog would be two bedroom granny flats. Before we explore how much does it cost to construct a granny flat, you must know that it’s always good to hire a contractor who can help in converting the extra space into your desired granny flat design.  These contracts have specialization and designing granny flats, and they can easily help you assess the space availability and ensure its beautiful conversion into a granny flat. You can ask them to convert it into a longing space, office space, or even a two- bedroom granny flat that you can put on rent.

Granny Flat Prices:

If you are planning to construct a granny flat, then it would cost you somewhere between $50,000 to over $120,000 in Sydney. This costing may vary based on the:

  1. Condition of land
  2. Kind of design you want
  3. Materials and finishing

For example, the cost of two bedrooms granny flat construction will be higher than 1 bedroom granny flat. The best way to make the best of the available space in a budgeted amount is to connect with a granny flat designing contractor who can help you in the area’s assessment and provide you a designing and construction that fits in your budget.

Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Prices:

We have mentioned the cost of a two-bedroom granny flat will be higher than that of a 1 bedroom. That flats are a convenient space where you can accommodate your guests, grandparents, or extended family. With proper design and construction, you can assure that the granny flat is comfortable for living. One of the best ways to get the best pricing for a two-bedroom granny flats is to seek the consultation of a professional contractor who has expertise in this field.

You can begin your search by surfing on the internet looking for individuals or companies dealing in two bedrooms granny flat design. You can shortlist a few names and then speak to them personally and get to know whether or not they could handle your requirements.

Concluding Thoughts:

Whether you are looking for constructing a two bedroom granny flat or three-bedroom granny flat, what is paramount is the optimal space utilization such that it adds value to your place. With the help of a professional contractor, they assure you get the best work done. The extra condition always requires adherence to the local permit and other standards pertaining to construction. A professional contractor would know about it and would help you with it.

With this information and the advantages of a two-bedroom granny flat, you would surely want to convert the extra space in your premises into one of these; connect with an experienced professional contact for this today.

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