Top Features Of Creative and Engaging Website Design

Engaging Website Design

Ever since the deadly and infectious COVID-19 struck the world, it has reduced face-to-face interaction and put us all under a severe lockdown. In these distressing times, it is more than important for companies and businesses to remain connected with their clients and customers and keep the supply chain going. Internet technology and digital solutions have been helping businesses all over the world in the form of websites and online shopping platforms. In today’s time, it is of crucial importance that a company or business has its own digital and online store through which it can serve its customers and remain in business.

Your website is the most powerful ally you have to attract more customers and expand your business in the digital landscape. Today we are going to discuss the top features or qualities that separate a good website from a poor & non -performing one.

Easy Navigation

One of the most important features of an excellent website is easy navigation. The website design and the menu items should be easily visible and accessible to a visitor from any page. The visitor should always be able to know exactly where they are on the website at the moment and also have easy accessibility to where they would like to be. Showing a complete site map would be a great idea and it will be used by visitors if available.

This might sound very basic and elementary, but most websites sometimes unknowingly ignore this aspect of website design and navigation. An experienced web design company always keeps in mind that there is a fine line of difference between an interactive menu and a cluttered and annoying one. Therefore, their main focus is always on functionality.

Engaging and Informative Content

There is an old saying in the field of websites and digital marketing – Content is King. This is practically the backbone of your website and it plays the most important factor in the success story of your website. Content plays a vital role in your website’s search engine placement and ranking; it is also the reason most internet visitors will be driven to your website in the first place.

Your website content should be informative, easy to read, and engaging so that the visitors will keep visiting your website and eventually turn into a conversion for your business. Well researched and high-quality content goes a long way for your business and its branding. There are many examples of how companies utilized this simple approach of excellent content to their customers and have succeeded tremendously like Intercom.

Web and SEO Friendly

No matter how informative content you put with beautiful design and easy to use navigation for your website, it is absolutely useless till it’s web and search engine friendly. It is important that your web developers and designers have the technical know-how about making your website work on all the major search engines and browsers. They should be able to utilize meta tags, alt tags, canonical tags and are fully well versed in the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many factors which affect the search engine rankings, placement, and impressions of your website, so make sure you use the services of a reputed and established web development company.

Excellent Visual Design and Graphics

It is a fact that we Humans are visually oriented creatures and what catches the eye invokes an interest and inquisitiveness in us. Capitalizing on this basic human feature, you need to make sure that your website is great in graphics and visual presentation. Your website has about 1/10th of a second to impress your visitor – that is how much time a visitor takes to decide whether to visit a website or not.

In this short span of time your website should be able to tell them about your business and how you can serve them better in this technology world. Although using visual design and creative graphics is important, remember to not go overboard with it. Flash intros, animations, scrolling text, and others should be only to a point to emphasize a particular aspect for maximum effect.

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