Designer Men’s Rings: Which One is Right for You?

Designer Men’s Rings

There has never been a better time to purchase designer men’s rings. Not only are prices at an all-time low, but the variety of styles and designs available are simply staggering thanks to the growing popularity of men’s jewelry in general. Designer men’s rings tend to offer a higher quality of both materials and craftsmanship than non-designer rings, making them an excellent purchase for those who prefer their jewelry to have a certain degree of longevity. 

Here are Ideas for Designer Men’s Rings for Every Type of Guy.

The Guy Who Loves The Classics

For the man who loves the traditional in life, there is no better choice than yellow gold. Gold enjoys the exclusivity of being the only metal that is naturally yellow, which, paired with its rarity and malleability, has made it the most sought after material for designer men’s rings for as long designer men’s rings have existed.

The Luxury Lover

Men who seek out the finer things in life will be satisfied with nothing less than platinum designer men’s rings. Platinum is both rare and difficult to mine, which has made it the most expensive and luxurious material on the wholesale handmade jewelry market. While their price tag may be prohibitive to many shoppers, platinum designer men’s rings are impressively durable and offer a classic lustrous silvery white hue.

Not every guy has the budget for platinum or white gold. For men who want the look of a precious white metal without the price tag, contemporary The Guy With Champagne Tastes…and a Beer Budgemetal cobalt chrome is an excellent option. An alloy of cobalt and chromium, cobalt chrome is traditionally handsome, extremely durable, hypoallergenic and remarkably affordable.

The Guy Who Loves Vintage-inspired Design

For those looking for designer men’s rings with a distinct retro appeal, rose gold is a great choice of material. This gold alloy utilizes copper to achieve its reddish hue, and can most often be found in 10K, 14K and 18K varieties. Once called “Russian gold” thanks to its extreme popularity during 19th century Russia, rose gold has enjoyed a more recent resurgence with designer men’s rings.

The Exhibitionist

Guys who love to show off will no doubt find immediate kinship with diamond designer men’s rings. Diamond bands are one of the fastest growing styles of designer men’s rings, offering an impressive scope of options that rivals even that of women’s diamond rings. In addition to timeless white diamonds, diamond designer men’s rings can frequently be seen with black or cognac stones.

The Heavy Lifter

Some men love designer men’s rings with a certain degree of heft, and for those muscle-bound individuals, tungsten is the perfect option. Tungsten designer men’s rings are in fact made of tungsten carbide, a compound of rare metal tungsten and a like number of carbon atoms. Tungsten designer men’s rings are both incredibly hard (an 8.5-9 on the Mohs scale of hardness) and noticeably weighty.

The Guy Who Hates Wearing Jewelry

On the other hand, some men simply hate heavy designer men’s rings. For the jewelry-phobic, lightweight materials like titanium and ceramic are ready solutions. Titanium designer men’s rings are most often seen in titanium’s natural gunmetal grey hue as well as in black. Ceramic designer men’s rings are frequently found in black and white, and offer a distinctly alternative look to classic metals. Both of these contemporary materials are also impressively durable and crack-resistant, and are unable to be resized due to their unique compositions.

The Rough Around The Edges Guy

Men that are no muss, no fuss will find an ally in stainless steel designer men’s rings. These affordable rings are rugged and dependable durable, as well as hypoallergenic. While stainless steel is not the newest and most exciting contemporary material on the market, stainless steel men’s rings can be found in a vast selection of designs thanks to their low price point and popularity.

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