Go Green This Diwali – Diwali Gift Ideas Inspired By Nature

Diwali gifts for friends

Diwali is a grand festival in India. The craze in people that Diwali brings about is on a different level. People of all religions celebrate this festival and that is what makes it a grand affair. It is one of the most celebrated days of the year. This festival brings in so much tradition that brings in the festive vibe in people. One of them is shopping for Diwali gifts for friends and family. 

Gifts should be bought keeping in mind the receiver’s taste and personality. If the person is a nature enthusiast, so should be your gifts. This Diwali, while you are looking for amazing Diwali gifts for your dear ones who love nature, we have just the right ideas for you. 

Insulating water bottle

First is the idea of an insulating water bottle made with earthen clay. Just like the earthen pots, these water bottles are made with the same clay and have the same purpose. It’s just that water bottles can be carried along easily to college or office. It has insulating properties that will keep your water cool in the harshest summer weather.

So, no need to place your water bottle in a freezer overnight to drink cold water, this water bottle will give you chilled water every time. This is something that you will find easily from the roadside vendors as well. When you are out to buy earthen diyas for your house for Diwali, you can pick up a water bottle as well to present your friends and family as a Diwali gift. It will be a great Diwali gift as made with natural raw material and is even nature friendly. 

Wooden slippers

Next on the list is something we mostly don’t consider buying especially for younger people. I’m talking about wooden slippers. It is an eco-friendly gift that a nature lover will admire. In Hindu, wood slippers are commonly worn by poojaris and pandits and that is why gifting them is not so common. But this gift is completely derived from natural sources and is much better than poly made footwears.

Following a difficult day of work, nature-loving people need to get out of those genuine branded shoes and slip into something more relaxing. There are heaps of fleece alternatives for individuals who need something comfortable but care about the planet altogether. For them, these pairs of wood slippers are an ideal pick. There are numerous high-end shoe brands that have wooden slip-on styles ideal for relaxing outside.

Jute handbag

Next on the list is a handbag made with jute. As we all know that jute is a naturally found material which is obviously nature friendly. So, when you are willing to send Diwali gifts for Corporates or to a friend or a family member who is more into natural products, don’t make a mistake of sending him or her a genuine leather handbag or polyester made bag because they are not very good for nature.

It will just break their heart. Instead, amaze them by going green in your gift choices. Present them with a stylish handbag made from jute that is totally nature friendly. You will be surprised to see that there is a wide variety of options available when it comes to just bags. Many small shops and small vendors sell pretty beautiful jute bags that will make a great gift to be presented at this grand festival.

Cork yoga mat

Then we have the option of presenting a cork yoga mat. Yoga mats are usually made up of artificial material which is not at all nature friendly. But this cork yoga mat is a savior. Cork is amazingly strong, and it additionally offers great support of foothold. Wet or dry, it has a lot of hold and foothold (serious yogis will cherish it). In short, cork makes an elite yoga tangle that is strong and furthermore a delight to rehearse on. 

Comfortable cozy Blanket 

Is your nature lover often found resting in the woods? Well, for someone who likes to wander around and sit around nature, you can give them something that will keep them warm. It is a comfortable cozy blanket. Regardless of whether you’re dozing under the stars or simply nestled into the screened-in yard, a delicate cover can make the outside a lot more welcoming. A cozy blanket is a nubby and snuggly choice. You get so many choices in a blanket, pick one that is lightweight so that your wanderer can carry it easily to places. 

These are the gifts that will be appropriate for your nature-loving friends or members on this Diwali. 

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