Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Way to Promote Team Play in Offices


Team building in escape rooms is a recent trend that is rapidly catching on. Escape rooms are immersive role-playing games. Players are “closed” inside a room and given a certain amount of time to solve the room’s mystery. They are “set free” once they solve the mystery or reach the end of the time limit. 

Promote Team
Escape Room

Escape rooms differ from one location to the next. Each room has a different theme, which aids in the immersion process. Haunted hotels, abandoned spaceships, tombs, and murder scenes are all common themes. Escape rooms are great for bringing people together. To solve the mystery of the escape room, all players must work together. As a result, they’re famous for birthday parties. Recently for team building, as well as date nights.

Team Building via Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become popular for company team building because they enable players to work together. Many businesses rent out escape rooms to their staff, who then collaborate to solve the room’s mysteries. The exercise helps team members to bond while also allowing the organization to see each member’s involvement. The escape room game is a great team-building activity.

Benefits of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have numerous benefits for building cooperation between the employees. Here are some other benefits of the escape room for team members.

Discover Your Weaknesses And Strengths

The most important thing that team building will show is the strengths and weaknesses of the people on your team, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the entire team. You don’t want to find out in the middle of a project that your team is terrible at communicating, or that you don’t have a team leader until it’s time to give your big presentation.

Therefore, with the help of such corporate confidence-building activities, each member of your team can explore and use his or her unique strengths in a fun and healthy atmosphere by participating in team-building activities.

Members Agree on a Mutual Goal

Players in an escape room set a common goal: to solve the room’s challenge and exit. Similarly, department representatives develop departmental objectives. Finishing a project, coping with all backlog products, and growing numbers are all typical departmental priorities. Job-related or escape room-related team goals all work in the same way.

Besides, there are three steps to set team goals.

  1. Members must first decide what they believe the end objective is. They jot down their ideas about what the department should be doing.
  2. They then associate their notes with those of a few other participants. Frequently, they’ll discover that their notes are in disagreement. They must work together to integrate their notes into a single target.
  3. Third, the revised notes are compared to the whole team.

This method of deciding a shared goal is beneficial to many teams. It assists them in reorienting their members and focusing on a single goal. The game is good practice to develop this skill of sharing ideas and incorporating them to solve problems in the office.

Engage Team Members

People will discover tombs, look for hidden treasure, and solve century-old murder mysteries in escape rooms. They don’t just exercise for problem-solving. They’re social events that are enjoyable and engaging. A type of game is escape rooms. Players are tasked with solving challenges quickly and efficiently, much as in board games and video games. In reality, studies show that people who play video games are more active.

Furthermore, escape rooms offer a welcome distraction from the monotony of the office. Companies should take a break now and then to encourage their workers to have some fun. It’s great to have a group lunch or dinner. However, team building in an escape room is more successful. 

Through this, employees will learn work-related skills while having fun by participating in a team-building activity. Companies that want to assess their employees may use escape rooms as a valuable tool.


If your team is new or has been working together for a long time, team building is a great way to get everybody out of the office to do something exciting that will teach them valuable lessons. Above were some of the reasons why escape rooms are a perfect team-building activity. It’s a good way to recognize each person’s involvement, strengths, and weaknesses. 

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