Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence: We often call anyone an intelligent person who has brilliant reasonable thinking and analyzing capability while we always appreciate the smart people around us. In our society, we rank intelligent persons at the top because we think they have God-gifted blessings that average persons do not own. When we come across the term “intelligence” we suddenly think of human intelligence which is all naturally inherited intelligence always.

Only some people have basic idea about the types of intelligence which are of two kinds. Besides human natural intelligence, there is another peculiar one man made “machine intelligence” which is regarded as our threshold in world of technology.

What is then Artificial intelligence? How can we make use of it?

It is not incorrect to call artificial intelligence is the intelligence  shown by computers or machines which follow the commands given by human beings to cope with daily tasks. In our daily life we may face thousands of difficulties like problem solving, performing tasks and planning wider things while we look for entities which can sort out all things for us in given period of time. In short artificial intelligence is used in machines or computers always instructed to imitate human creative thoughts and commanded to perform tasks in every field. In the world of technology it is named as “Al-Technology”.

Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

It has been speculated for so many years that ancient philosophers, Greeks and Chinese had laid the foundations of artificial intelligence.

After Second World War the work on artificial intelligence was initiated by computer engineers and in almost 1954 it was projected as an academic regulation which was divided into sub fields. Unfortunately, in the start there was little hope for its progress, however, it could not be lasted long due to lack of funding. Nevertheless many philosophers, scientist and politicians made approaches to restart the field, there were always few expectations for its reinstatement. Hence after ups and downs, machine intelligence with sub field emerged to new heights.

There were considerably new proposals as well as opportunities for sub fields like robotics, machine wisdom and use of logic gear by leaders all around the world. However, actual work on artificial intelligence was commenced with creation of a workshop of artificial intelligence at Darmouth college in 1956. Many great researchers attended that workshop to contribute and acknowledge the machine work.

Some Benefits of Al

Fortunately, Al has opened so many areas of research in which we can make miracles like in every field of finance and marketing.  Moreover, the world can be globalized more only with assistance provided my artificial intelligence while we can automate every tasks which is generally performed by human beings as per experts of nursing assignment help. There is huge benefit of cutting down the human labor and giving all labor responsibilities to the robots and machines. If we get our laptop hacked our crashed due to some viruses then it will be more reliable to seek help form software engineers .In every aspect of life we can install instructions for our desirable work like in cars, airplanes, computers and other devices. There is also a great challenge for us to restrain ourselves to deploy artificial devastating weapons for selfish purposes.

Cyber Threats Handled By Al

After 20th century, there has been an outrage of all threats of online security breaches, cyber crimes, mishandling of data and online smuggling while scientists has always taken assistance from special software to restrict the cyber crimes.

Every day we come across different stories of security breaching, costing billions of dollar, hacking online banking systems and stealing official security data by hostile agents working in their private space.

Thousands of private business companies, Govt officials and working communities are seeking help from computer engineers to secure their belongings from online thugs. In this regard, Al can be used as effective agent to locate all the hostile factors by blocking their viruses and making them unable to break security codes.

Dark Side of Al

Unlike human intelligence , the artificial intelligence show no sympathy at all because there are no emotions of love, hate and courage in machines or robots while they work on only orders and commands which are given by makers. Consequently, there will be more risks while using artificial intelligence for wider range of purposes.

Al can be mishandled: In this competitive world in which everyone is just in race of surpassing everyone in all fields. Meanwhile mostly people are using it for revenge based purposes by illegal means. For instance, people can use it for launching any missiles on other countries while stealing the codes from submarine systems or satellite navigation can be hacked sometimes.

 Overall there will be always numerous risks of attacks and hybrid war which can actually initiate Third World War. Hence it is imposing great threats to all of us to make it sure that it won’t be in the wrong hands otherwise the consequences might be horror-struck.

We Always Go For Favorable Tasks, Besides Little or Great Risks.

Machines and robots perform our tasks without undertaking the risks imposed by these in our community. We cannot avoid these risks often while human could lose control of machinery or robots when he forgets some codes or someone hacks the machinery. For case in point, if we build some industrial projects to make a turnover of millions we set up robots or machines for first-rate tasks, then there will be pollution factors for the environment which will be ignored by machines. Therefore little or great risk factors go hand in hand with the use of Al which we can diminish.

Future Is Bright for Al

Every aspect of life has been scintillated by contributions which are brought by robots, machines and computers. It’s assumed that scientist will get control of every task using deep computer science, software methodology and IoT. In future there will be more and more innovations only due to development in Al learning.

It has been quoted by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee in 2018 that the world will be utterly transformed by artificial intelligence as it will be the change which will actually larger than the innovation of electricity.

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