Find Healthy Food in Udaipur Sightseeing Tour


Food in Udaipur Sightseeing Tour

Is it more significant for you to eat the food of a foreign city than to eat a salad every day? Does the term “safe and healthy travel” sound boring or, I don’t know, too healthy? Well, it’s great to meet you. We will get along easily.  In this post we have find healthy food in Udaipur Sightseeing Tour.

 We eat a lot of food. All traditional/ local/essential dishes and yummy drinks are explore, spotted, and tasted. There are always a lot of special foods and drinks that we have to try in Udaipur which also steers us towards a pretty unhealthy eating routine.

Find Healthy Food In Udaipur Sightseeing Tour

Tracked down a few places where you can find healthy food

Well, to eradicate your junk food habit, the explorers at FourWheelDriveIndia have tracked down a few places where you can find healthy, gluten-free, vegan, and more foods. So that you can live a super healthy and refreshing life. Although it was not easy for us to see all the places in Udaipur, we have done our best to list the top 2 cafes or restaurants in Udaipur.

We consume a lot of food. Any traditional/ local/necessary dish and drink is researched, scouted, and tasted. There are always many tasty drinks and special yummy foodstuffs that we need to try when we are on Udaipur sightseeing tour, which also turns us towards a not-good eating routine.

Hunted Down A Few Places Where You Can Find Healthy Food

Well, to eradicate the junk eating habit of yours, FourWheelDriveIndia’s explorers have hunted down a few places where you can find healthy, gluten-free, vegan, etc., food items so that you can live a super healthy and refreshing life. Whilst it wasn’t easy for us to visit every place in Udaipur, we have tried our best to list down the best 2 places to visit in Udaipur to have good food.

  • The Fit Kitchen | Panchwati
  • Millets of Mewar | Sajjangarh

Healthy Food Options While Traveling To Udaipur!

Are you the type of person who enjoys trying new restaurants and gorging on mouthwatering food options, especially when in Udaipur, the city of lakes? Well, during this binge eating, you might have put on some extra weight. Do not worry! The super amazing FourWheelDriveIndia team took a little jaunt into the city, looking for healthy food options in restaurants and cafes. Let us take you to healthy and nutritious alleys of Udaipur to experience the most delicious and healthy food options such as salads, smoothies, gluten-free Mewari food, vegan pizzas, and many more exciting varieties in various cafes.

The kitchen in shape | Panchwati

So, the first stop on our healthy food hunt was The Fit Kitchen, located in the prime part of town, Panchwati. If you want personalized diets that include ketogenic and balanced meals, high protein meals, or even an a la carte option, The Fit Kitchen is one of the best places you can find in Udaipur. We ordered a mushroom pizza, which was a mixture of delicious flavors mixed with mushrooms. The dough was completely vegan, with no soy, no whey protein, or wheat.

The recipe is a trade secret! We also had the pleasure of tasting the Crispy Falafel Burger with Hummus Basil which just melted in our mouth like a dream! Their menu is reasonable enough to have such delicious and healthy copies.

  • Mushroom pizza – Rs. 299 / –
  • Crispy low-fat falafel patty with homemade basil hummus and tahini sauce – Rs. 219 / –

Address: 18, Panchwati, Udaipur.

Millets of Mewar | Sajjangarh

Our next spot for the healthy restaurant for the hale and hearty food hunt was Millets of Mewar, situated near Sajjan Vihar in Udaipur. We ordered some amazing dishes made with healthy and gluten-free products. The restaurant offers a multitude of food options such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diet dishes, special millets recipes, Slow Food, traditional Mewari dishes, fusion, and raw products.

We tried:

  • Millet Veg and Aloo Tikki (gluten-free), made with Crispy Sanwa, vegetable and potato cakes with sweet and sour tamarind sauce garnished with amaranth. Price: Rs. 150 / –
  • Pad Thai (gluten-free) is made with Thai rice noodles sautéed with vegetables, Thai seasoning, and crushed peanut garnish. Price: Rs. 260 / –
  • Millet crepe (choice of maple, honey, and Nutella sauce). Made in Bajra with no added sugar and no egg. Price: Rs. 230 / –
  • Lamento (Mocktail) made with a refreshing blend of mint, citrus and sweet. Price: Rs. 160 / –

Address: Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, 25, Sajjan vihar, near the biological park, Udaipur.

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