Finish Your Workout – 5th Edition

Finish Your Workout

Every Friday i will be able to bring you a touch something special to append to your workout so you’ll finish the week strong. If you’re not conversant in a finisher it’s an exercise or mini circuit of exercises meant to assist you spend that last little bit of energy.

Okay the above paragraph is that the standard Finish-Your-Workout-Friday language. Today, however we are getting to try something different.

As you all may or might not know (if you followed me on twitter you’d know…hint, hint follow me @CaptCompetition, plow ahead roll in the hay immediately we’ll wait here while you are doing it) I just completed my first triathlon.

It had been a mini (0.25-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride & 2-mile run), but I’m hooked. I even have already signed up for my next one. Anyway, I acknowledged about (a little too late for the past race) brick training. So, rather than a finisher, today is going to be a…


What is a ‘brick’ you’ll be asking yourself. In simple terms it’s taking two of the tri disciplines and mixing them for a workout with little or no rest in between. it’s meant to somewhat mimic the race.

Since most don’t have quick access to a body of water we are getting to do a bike/run brick. what’s nice about this is often that you simply can do that indoor or outdoor. within the gym just use the stationary bike and treadmill (or indoor track). otherwise, you can hop on your bike and go outside.

Indoor version first:

Make sure you’re doing this at a time in your gym once you will have access to both a stationary bike and treadmill (or indoor track). begin on the bike. For indoor bricks i prefer to use time instead of mileage. a couple of tips to start out out. If you only undergo the motions and leisurely ride the stationary bike you’re not getting to get anything out of this workout.

If you are doing put some intensity into the bike take care once you get on the treadmill. Running after biking feels very different. confirm you’re taking it a touch slower than usual once you transition. Enough talk here is that the workout:

Finish Your Workout – 5th Edition
Finish Your Workout
  • 15 minutes stationary bike – 5 minutes moderate, 5 minutes intense, 5 minutes moderate
  • 10 minutes treadmill – take some time to start out with & gradually speed up
  • 10 minutes stationary bike – go hard most of this 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes treadmill – rise up to hurry faster this point
  • 5 minutes stationary bike – as hard as you’ll
  • 2 minutes treadmill – attempt to get 0.25 miles (7.5mph)

That last two minutes doesn’t sound bad but…you’ll see just try it out. Also, you’ll substitute this for the treadmill if you wish .Wheel-treadmill

Outdoor version:

In this version i prefer to focus use mileage instead of time as my measure. this may take a touch planning as you ought to map your routes out before you begin .

4 mile bike ride – rise up to hurry as quickly as you’ll and continue the intensity

  • 1-mile run – 5k pace
  • 3-mile bike ride – again high intensity
  • 0.5-mile run – not a sprint but faster pace than your mile
  • 2-mile bike ride – all out
  • 0.25-mile run – sprint if you can…try to urge it done under 2 minutesTriFit Bike

These are fun, challenging, and a change of pace from the standard day-to-day workout. Make these interesting by keeping track of the mileage you get on the indoor version or the time it takes on the outdoor version and see if you’ll beat those numbers the subsequent week.

As always, I’m not a doctor (and nobody will let me play one on TV either) or a licensed trainer, just a man suggesting a workout I even have used. ask your doctor, personal trainer, or your mom before you are trying this if you’ve got any concerns.

One Last Thing…tri-tech multisportThree more races were added to my schedule just in the week . The aforementioned second triathlon, a 4th of July 5k and a Labor Day 4 miler.

The 5k is thru my old neighborhood which is good for nostalgic purposes, not so nice because the neighborhood was call Colonial Hills…emphasis on the Hills.

August 24th i will be able to be embarking on my next triathlon. i’m stepping up my game and going for the sprint distance (0.45 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike ride & 5k) instead of the mini, mostly because there was no mini distance at this race. I’ve got 2 months to coach so i’m confident I can make those distances.

Last (well hopefully not totally last for the season but last so far) may be a 4 miler that i will be able to be running with my wife.

She is that the one who got me to run my first ever race and she or he has simply been watching this season because someone possesses to observe the youngsters. Hopefully, this may not be the only race we get an opportunity to try to do together this season.

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