The patio device has only recently become a fashionable trend as an architectural solution for a country house. Lacking strict utilitarian uses, such as a greenhouse or garden, the patio is primarily a place of relaxation. Outlining the patio in general terms, I can say that it is a harmoniously defined part of the backyard outdoor area made of concrete paver molds or ready-made paving slabs. On the one hand, thanks to landscape design, it is a continuation of wildlife, and on the other, it is a kind of open-air living room, due to furniture and interior items that are its integral part.

The tradition of arranging patios in inner parks dates back to Ancient Greece and Athens. And it found its continuation in the everyday life of ordinary townspeople, mainly of southern and eastern countries – Latin America, Japan, Spain, Italy, Turkey. It was from there that the basic ideas for decorating the patio, design findings and landscape solutions were borrowed. In order for the patio area to look like a complete single ensemble, I recommend doing it in a specific style. After all, each of them has its own design “chips”, which I propose to consider in more detail.

Ideas for a Mediterranean style patio

concrete paver molds

The Mediterranean style combines the weightlessness of textures and the heaviness of structures: light canopies are combined with the quality of beamed ceilings. The main colors are white, brown (natural wood and clay) and all shades of blue. I think the following are good ideas for decorating a patio in this style:

massive terracotta flowerpots;
pergola – a beam structure serving as a canopy;
fabric curtains surrounding the patio area;
elements of stained-glass windows, for example, in lighting items.

Ideas for a Moroccan patio

concrete paver molds for morrocan patio

Morocco is a country of contrasts and a unique oriental flavor. Design references to it will look especially impressive on the territory of a country house:

multi-colored floor mosaic made in a unique Moroccan technique;
multi-level fountain, including one that is part of the wall;
an abundance of soft multi-colored pillows made of silk;
slatted fireplace in contrasting shades.

Japanese-style patio ideas

The oriental traditions of arranging an inner garden are especially suitable for those who are looking for harmony and tranquility in their country house. I find the appropriate borrowings for the patio here:

rock garden – an architectural site filled with stones of various sizes, the location of which relative to each other, their lines and geometry will allow you to tune in to a meditative mood;

an artificial reservoir, traditionally planted with water lilies and other aquatic plants;

classic Japanese lanterns that can fill the atmosphere with soft dim light and become a unique accent in your garden.

Provence patio ideas

concrete paver molds for province patio

Otherwise I call it a rustic style, and this is no coincidence. A feature of Provence is the emphasis on the atmosphere of comfort, and it is created thanks to the following landscape ideas:

wicker furniture, the highlight of which is a rocking chair;
outdoor stove or fireplace made of natural stone;
alpine slide; forged elements in exterior items

Ideas for a high-tech patio

This style is usually preferred by people who strive to keep the usual rhythm of the metropolis, with its severity of lines and laconic solutions. The main materials in the design: plastic, glass, metal, wood is used less often.

Thank you for reading! I would advice you to check the article about remodelling your house using concrete.

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