Full-stack Developers: 10 Symptoms to Identify Them


The I.T industry is an ever-evolving domain. With consistent developments in the industry, it has brought a lot of job opportunities. Since the last decade, there have emanated multiple job opportunities in the I.T sector and a full-stack developer is one of them. Companies offering website development solutions are aggressively headhunting for full-stack I.T developers.

As per the maven of the I.T space in India, it is assumed that the forthcoming times will be for full-stack developers. In countries like the USA, Japan, Germany etc., many companies are already offering great remuneration to full-stack developers. It is a major reason why many youngsters fly to a foreign land after acquiring their degree.

If you too aspire to be a full-stack developer or want to hire one for your project, you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled a list of must-haves for a full-stack developer. By going through the write-up, it will be easier to understand everything you need to check before roping in the right full-stack developer.

What’s a Full-stack Developer?

An ordinary personality that pursued graduation/post-graduation in the I.T industry and possesses extensive knowledge of programming languages can become a full-stack developer. It is a multifaceted job that will require the individual to deal with the front end, back end, programming advancement, and even information-based administration of a web application. They guarantee the simplicity of bouncing from coding dialects and across advances.

Full-stack developers are skilled individuals who possess an extraordinary talent for managing the server at the company and client end alike. Hence, if you aspire to the talented turtle, here’s a glance at some mandatory skills to have.

“Be The Jack of All Trades…”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the G.O.A.T in the world of cricket. When he’s behind the stumps, he dismissed batsmen with God-speed. He’s simply indomitable. Similarly, a full-stack developer can become unbeatable when he/she gains an upper hand in the professional field by understanding programming languages and software.

  1. Programming Languages

Programming languages include PHP, JAVA, Python, C++, Perl, and Ruby, to name just a few. Along with these, you must be fluent in the terminology of each language. This is one of the Full-stack Developer Skills to incorporate algorithms for computer programming and applications. Proficiency is required to rapidly deploy, design, and test the project.

  • Git and GitHub

Git is an open-source control system tool; GitHub is a framework built around Git. Programmers must have a GitHub account, particularly if they work on their own. They combine to help maintain and distribute the code.


Stack Web Developer Skill sets must include the understanding of the HTML or hypertext mark-up language helps to create the content of the website, and the CSS or cascade styling sheet helps to configure the website. From the template and its color, it requires a range of color schemes to ensure the overall appearance of the website.

  • Front-end Technologies

It includes the development of a website/page and further explores its layout and general outlook. It is a responsibility to maintain a seamless user interface. Modern need to be competent in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These are often the fundamentals that help you build, design, and improve greatly your website.

  • Backend Language

The back end will run in the background to store the data and the computing code. It is not yet accessible to users, ensuring that all is functioning properly on the website at its end. It’s a combination of databases, systems, and languages. You have to pick somebody from Ruby, PHP, Python, Java or.Net as your backend language.

  • Database & Web Storage

It includes the systematic processing of data or relevant information in computer systems. It can comprise the goods of the organization, financial statements, etc., in the tables. A few of the widely used databases are Redis, SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB, etc. Storage or DOM storage stores the client data, and information the user feeds on the website.


They’re not the same even though they’re going hand in hand. HTTP is a networking protocol that transmits the data information, and REST is an interface that uses HTTP to gather data. Take into consideration the REST does not really always use HTTP.

  • Web Structure

Full-stack Developer Skills must involve being in-depth with web architecture. This includes the design and preparation of the final website layout. The application architecture of the website will help you define the data that will be needed to execute the mission. This will give a clearer picture when designing demanding applications. It is a necessary aspect of the website and must not be overlooked.

  • Version Management

It is the device that tracks changes to a file or several files to help you recover changes later. The programmer must be mindful of how to split these files in the midst of the computation process. It also helps to make it possible for many staff to participate in the same venture concurrently.

  1. Basic Designing Skills

The user experience or UI/UX overall design is essential to it all, which is why you need to be versatile in engineering platforms to develop layout prototypes. The prototype is aiming to benefit you grasp what you want. Do not take this lightly, since it is the ultimate goal—the fruits of your labor.  

Mic Drop

Being a full-stack developer is like being a wild stallion; there are no limits in the field & you’re allowed to run wildly. Full-stack development is growing speedily. Whether a startup or a pre-established company, these individuals are highly demanded. You just need to master the tough terrains where it is essential to curb stomp for becoming a professional full-stack developer. This will not only carve you on the professional front, but will help in building & nurturing the new generation of full-stack developers that look up to you.  

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