Generic Lyrica Cost Effective Way to Relieve Nerve Pain

because it is an essential medication for them.

Until 2019, only Pfizer had the permission to produce and sell this drug, which it did under the brand name Lyrica, which was their patent. But since the patent expired, many affordable generic brands of Lyrica are now available to be offered as prescriptions for neuropathic pain as well as the treatment of other conditions that this medication treats such as restless leg syndrome and seizures.

Some of the most reliable and cost-effective generic brands of Lyrica, approved by the FDA and prescribed as a generic substitute of Lyrica across the whole world are Maxgalin, Neugaba, Pregalin, and Pregarica.

Pregarica (Healing Pharma)

Maxgalin (Sun Pharma)

Neugaba (Sun Pharma)

Pregalin (Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

These brands of  Lyrica Generic containing the nerve pain-relieving drug Pregabalin, they are popular in use in many different countries as attractive alternatives to Lyrica due to their easy availability as well as their attractive and pocket-friendly price ranges.

What makes Generic Lyrica medications as useful as the brand name one, in spite of costing less?

When a new drug is discovered, and it is approved by the FDA to be rolled out in the market for the treatment of the condition, the particular brand is assigned a patent that prevents other companies from manufacturing the drug.

The monopoly on the manufacturing and selling of the drug for the parent company is justified because they have invested in the development, research as well as the marketing of the medication. The patent ensures that the company recovers the investment cost and even makes profits if they can till the patent on the drug expires.

Once the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies can roll out their versions of the medications.

All the generic brands of medications undergo vigorous testing and quality checks, only after the approval of the FDA or other equivalent organizations, the medications are available in the market for prescriptions.

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Thus all the generic brands of the drug Pregabalin such as Pregalin and Neugaba work just like Lyrica which it comes to relieving nerve pain and come at a fraction of the price that you pay for Lyrica.

People who suffer from chronic pain need to spend a lot of money on this drug so, from the cost point of view, it makes much more sense to buy the generic brands of Lyrica such as Pregarica and Maxgalin for your treatment.

The other benefit of buying Generic brands of Lyrica is the freedom of choice, there are many different generic brands of Lyrica, and so even if one is unavailable in your local pharmacy, you can buy another one for your use. Given the fact that the chemical composition, as well as the working mechanism of all the brands of generic Lyrica as well as Lyrica, are the same, so you will get identical results in relieving your nerve pain.

Generic brands of Lyrica thus offer you a pocket-friendly way to treat your nerve pain just as Lyrica did, but with a higher price tag.

Apart from nerve pain, there are other conditions that can be treated by Pregabalin, such as restless leg syndrome, epilepsy, seizures, and Fibromyalgia. You can ask you, doctor, to prescribe you the generic brands of Lyrica for these conditions as well. You can also request your pharmacist for a reliable suggestion of generic brands of Lyrica such as Pregalin, Pregarica for you instead of Lyrica.

Apart from local pharmacies, you will also easily find various generic brands of Lyrica on online pharmacies, you can check out the online stores and compare prices and services and choose out the brand that you think will be most suitable for you. You can also ask your doctor for his or her recommendation of a generic Lyrica brand and follow his or her advice.

Given the benefits that generic brands of Lyrica offer, they are worth giving a try and deciding for yourself if they stand to your test of trust. If you want to find out more about Lyrica, check out our website at

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