Tips To Grow Your Career In Mass Communication

Career In Mass Communication

Mass Communication:

It is the process of getting and sending information through mass media to large segments of the population. Normally, the transmission of message too many persons at a time is called mass communication. But in a complete sense, mass communication can be understood as the process of extensive circulation of information within regions and across the globe.

Through mass communication, information can be transmitted quickly too many people who generally stay far away from the source of information. Mass communication is practiced in multiple mediums, such as radio, television, social networking, billboards, newspaper, magazines, films, and the internet.

Job Prospects for Mass Communication

A professional course in mass communication opens doors for a career in films and TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc. In nutshell, Mass Communication widens the horizon of career options for a person. Depending upon personal interest a mass communication professional can choose a job. Attractive and high paying jobs are journalist, actor, director, editor, screenwriter. RJ, producer, VJ are available to the talented and tainted individuals.

Pay Packet for Mass communication

Whereas candidates passing out from IIMC, MCRC Jamia, Symbiosis college and many other high institutes receive attractive placement after their courses and good salaries. The starting salary for mass communication professionals could be between Rs 12,000 and 25,000. After 5 years of work experience, a professional can expect a higher salary in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1, 00,000 per month.

Market Watch

Career opportunities in mass communication are expected to increase as not less than 70 news channels will come up in the next five years. Thanks to mass media, news, and entertainment job opportunities are aplenty for trained professionals in various roles- particularly in journalism and films. Indian becomes the largest film producer in the world economy.

Technically qualified media professionals can work for TV channels, production houses, or can make documentaries on their own. International Scope of Mass Communication News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch, Warner Brothers, Guardian Group, BBA, ABC, and many others are included among the large media groups which offer attractive jobs in mass communication at different levels and positions. In fact, jobs in these organizations are attractive in terms of compensation and offer challenging job profits and desire salaries. Indian professionals have an edge to work in international media houses for they have excellent command over English and foreign language.

Tips for Getting Hired by Top Companies

Besides pursuing a course from a mass communication institute, candidates require some personal skills and fast communication skills which helps him to get job. Candidates who are interested to get into news media should have a keen interest and sound knowledge of news and current affairs. A global perspective on various issues helps candidates in obtaining the position of reporter or journalist.

Those who are interested in electronic media are required to have practical knowledge of video editing. Most of the topmost institutes offer internship programs with news channels that help candidates to get a job after completing the course.

Career Opportunities after Mass Communication

  • Radio Jockey/RJ
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Producer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Film Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
  • Special correspondent
  • Special Correspondent
  • Video jockey
  • Art Director
  • Editor
  • Event Manager
  • Public Relations Officer


We are here today just because of mass communication. The function of mass communication is not only relevant but highly important. These functions of mass communication are relevant in the past, are relevant today, and will definitely still be relevant tomorrow.

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