What Is Hair Rebounding? Side Effects and Hair Care Tips for Hair Rebounding


What Is Hair Rebounding?

Hair Rebounding

Hair rebounding is one of the chemical process that is used by salons to straighten your hair permanently. We can say that it is chemical hair treatments that make your hair straight, shiny, and silky. It is an expensive process which make your hair straight permanently. The chemical products used in hair straitening breaks the hair structure. Rebounding treatment changes the look of your hairs and converts natural hairs in strength hair. Before going through a hair rebounding you must be aware of the process of rebounding, side effects of rebounding, and tips to the care of hairs after rebounding.

Every chemical treatment of hairs has its own side effects. Check the side effects of hair rebounding from here:

Scalp Damage:

In hair rebounding process, heat is the main element. The chemical used in this process may damage your scalp and can even burn it. This damage will occur due to heat and by the process of chemicals which stay for a long time on the hairs.

Hair fall and Weakens:

Hair rebounding make your hairs weak, and increase the risk of hair fall. After rebounding the hairs needs almost care, and the maintenance. If you want to reduce the risk of hair fall and hair damage, then take care of your hairs daily, and use the products only which are recommended. Expert says that after rebounding you need a full care of your hairs at least 1 month; you should not tie your hairs and not even comb them for 1 month.

Increase Dryness:

Hair rebounding increases the dryness of your hairs and make them freeze and rough. Risk of dryness occurs because of heating process. Rebounding process seeps out the moisture from your hairs and damaged them.

High Maintenance:

Rebounding process affect your natural look of hairs. In order To prevent your hair damage by rebounding, it is necessary to use some products which are more expensive. Rebounding requires high maintenance of hairs.

Split Ends and Breakage:

Rebounding process breaks your hairs and increases the risk of spilled ends. So, basically rebounding damages your hairs and affect the growth of natural hairs. It is important to take full care of your hairs after rebounding, so always try to trim your hairs within 6 to 8 months of rebounding.

Change Hair Color:            

Rebounding changes the hair color, the chemical process used in the hair straightening treatments can make your hair to color change entirely and permanently. It is happens because of chemical products which are used in rebounding.

Hair Growth Problem:

It is the biggest side effect of rebounding. Rebounding increases the risk of hair growth, the chemical products used in hair rebounding treatment affect your hair growth, and remove your natural hair look and hair growth.

Allergic Reaction:

Rebounding process using chemical products give some allergic effect. Like using heat treatment may damage your skin or burn your skin also. Mostly it is happens because of chemical procedure used for rebounding.

After, rebounding it is important to take full care of your hairs. Take some ideas from here how to take care of your hairs?

Hair Care Tips After Rebounding

Do not wash your hairs before 3 days:

After, rebounding do not wet your hair for 72 hours, even do not tie or use pins on hairs. It takes 3 days for the bonds in your hairs to balance.

Always use conditioner:

Whenever you wash your hair always use conditioner to make your hairs silky and smooth. After 3 days of rebounding you are permitted to wash your hair. Use the shampoo and conditioner only which are recommended to you.

Do not use pins and Give up hair ties:

Hair experts says that do not tie your hairs after rebounding, and give up using pins on hairs for hair styling. It is necessary to follow these rules, otherwise your hair straightening damage your hairs.

Avoid heating products:

Your hairs are already been heated while rebounding processes. So, over heating may damage your hairs and increase the risk of hair damage and hair fall.

Need Trimming:

Hairs rebounding damage the split-ends of your hair. So, it is necessary to visit your hair stylist every 6-8 months for trimming.

Do not wash your hair daily:

Your hairs need more moisture after rebounding to keep them healthy. Stop washing your hair daily. Wash your hair twice in a week only. Always wash your hair with mild shampoo which is best for rebounding hairs.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Rebounding         

After how many days of rebounding I can wash my hair?

Experts advise to wash your hair after 72 hours of rebounding. It gives the best result to your hairs and gives almost full time to moisture.

How long the effect of hair rebounding last?

It is a permanent process. Rebounding hairs will remain straight permanently till the new growth will have natural hair texture.

What materials are used for rebounding your hairs?

  • Mild Shampoo
  • Blow dryer
  • Flat iron
  • Steaming
  • Relaxant
  • Neutralizer

How many times its take to rebounding your hairs?

Rebounding process need at least 3 to 5 hours, depending on the length of the hair.

Is hair rebounding and hair straightening is the same?

No, hair rebounding is the process of chemical products to make them straight. Where, hair straitening is the process of flat irons and mild relaxing agents that give temporary result.

Is rebounding suitable for every one?

Hair rebounding is a chemical process which increases the risk of damage as a result, it occurs hair fall. Before rebounding your hairs always ask your expert that it is suitable for your hairs or not.

It is a fact that the chemicals products are always bad for human hair and skin. But with the help of proper care, and some precautions, we can get out of the damages. An expert says that always use the recommended products after rebounding; it reduces the risk of hair fall and hair damage.

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