Heaven and Hell – Integrative Medicine Negates Side Effects


There are multiple holiday havens in Mexico not far from California’s San Diego. One of the many is Tijuana and the other is Baja California known for Santa Maria its integrative medicine retreat and oceanfront view of pristine vibrant blue/ green waters of the Pacific Ocean. This view in itself is therapy, especially after several hours with an alternative medicine expert. The waves and current of Pacific waters can be unpredictable and dangerous in this part of Mexico, seek professional advice before swimming in these waters! It’s the ideal destination for relaxing and undergoing integrative medicine treatments without burning a hole in your pocket. Santa Maria, which is the top retreat in this region is about a 45 minute drive from San Diego. Their team of experienced specialists offer around sixty therapies under the integrative medicine label.

Integrative medicine retreat – keep it real and affordable

Detox, laser surgery, deworming, and high dose vitamin C are among the many options at Mexico’s top retreats. Finding one retreat to chase away multiple ailments or nagging pain is economical and ensures your medical records are secure. It’s not common to find people suffering from a critical or terminal ailment to travel. Though, it is worthwhile when you can have multiple heath issues treated and experience a blissful existence in a foreign land as a stranger. Just the sound of the Pacific waters will soothe your nerves. Don’t worry about the rumors against this country and focus on the budget-friendly treatment required for your body and soul. Santa Maria, an integrative medicine retreat has all the bells and whistles of their competitors plus a beautiful landscape with friendly locals.

The team at Santa Maria integrative medicine retreat make a guest undergo multiple tests when required to review the real-time results before recommending anything. There is always a chance of a guest being unaware of other health issues running in parallel that require attention. There’s no guess work involved and a thorough check-up is necessary before any diagnosis and related treatment is shared. Sometimes these can add up to several hundred dollars and the integrative medicine retreat in Baja is the perfect spot for accurate analysis and affordable therapy.

Just the way medication can generate side effects, delaying effective treatment can make your health deteriorate faster. It might be the calm before the storm or a simple misjudgment by an intern which can make matters worse. It’s always strongly suggested to take advice from an expert on the basis of your reports rather than rely on guesswork. The results from some alternative medicine treatments is a grey area with varying opinions on its effectiveness or side effects. Whether it’s for laser surgery or high dose vitamin C, Santa Maria is the top integrative medicine retreat in Mexico that matches patient requirements and offers services beyond expectations.

Wide variety of options for therapy

Everyone wants their health in safe hands with no place for an error. Locating the perfect retreat for multiple health conditions with fresh organic food and likeminded people will ensure your treatment and recovery is timely and effective. There is no dearth of retreats and spas in this part of the continent. Some specialize according to the alternative medicine practitioners they have onboard. Santa Maria offers state-of-the-art health programs that will rock your world till your illness has been eliminated from its roots. Over a short period of time you will stop having nightmares about cutting-edge integrative medicine when you realize that side effects are simply an afterthought that do not surface.

The crux of the matter

If you are looking for someone to treat your condition that won’t wreck your piggy bank, give strong consideration to Santa Maria in Baja California, for health issues and complications relating to your ailment. Among the plethora of therapies they offer, some popular ones –

  • Laser therapy
  • Electromagnetic field therapy
  • Salt bath
  • Detoxification
  • Ozone therapy
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Medical mud
  • Longevity

These are just some of the manifold therapies by experts that specialize in their field and . have hands-on experience with treating clientele from across the world Here at Santa Maria in Baja California, Mexico, there are an abundance of talented alternative and integrative medicine specialists under one roof.

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