How Can You Personalize the Most Popular Wedding Themes?


If you are one like Monica from the TV show FRIENDS, then you have been thinking about your dream wedding since you were probably six years old. Weddings are really the biggest event in anyone’s life. This is the day when you tie the knot with the love of your life. Sometimes that someone is your best friend. Sometimes this person is the most unexpected person you have ever met. And that is what makes the wedding more special.

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Popular Wedding Themes

How Banquet Halls in Houston Can Help with Your Wedding Theme?

When you are getting married and booking one of the best banquet halls in Houston, you are surely thinking about different wedding themes that you can use for your celebration. These venues come with the best in-house services that include decoration. With a team of decorators, the venue can help you personalize the theme and the look of your wedding the way you want. So, when you are looking for banquet rooms near me in Houston, make sure that you are booking a venue that can help you with personalizing the themes.

Now, when you are planning your wedding themes and wondering how you can personalize them, have you decided on the themes yet? Take a look at the following points to know what themes you can choose for your wedding at one of the best reception halls in Houston.

Boho Chic Wedding

A boho chic wedding is more about bringing in a casual touch of mismatched things in a perfect plan. The decoration and the look should be minimal while the appeal will be great. For such a wedding, discuss your plan beforehand with the decoration team of the venue. For floral arrangements, go for pampas grass, pressed palms or baby’s breath. Make sure that the guests as well as the bridesmaids are not wearing anything unified for the wedding. Make grey and deep blue the predominant shade of your wedding decoration.

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Classic Wedding

A classic traditional wedding is often the safest route to take when it comes to wedding themes. The style should be timeless and with clean lines, white floral arrangements, and a traditional vibe all around. For making this work for your wedding, create a playlist of jazz that the in-house DJ will be playing for your dances. Go for the most traditional food platters and choose tealights with flowers to add more buzz. Choose a traditional color scheme and stick to that for decoration and for dresses of the bridesmaids and best man.

Luxurious and Glamorous

If you and your partner both have a penchant for style and glamour, this is the best theme you can go with. Make sure that the idea is conveyed to the wedding venue properly so that they can get the right kind of floral arrangements, lights and drapes for the venue. The style will be extravagant with as much bling as possible. Pay attention to details like centerpieces, the cake, the arrangements for the bar and so on.


When you are planning an intimate wedding with your loved ones that will signify the love and union of your souls, this is the best style or theme you can go for. The setting should be dreamy. The lights and accents should match with the flowers you have chosen. Roses, lilies and other flowers can add beauty to the décor. For colors, choose white, blush, ivory and pastels. Use candles for the tables to create the perfect romantic ambience. Make sure that the whole place should exude the charm of warm and fuzzy feelings for everyone.

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Cozy and Intimate

When you are just ready to celebrate with your loved ones and close family, you plan an intimate cozy wedding. This wedding is all about warmth and love that both of you share with the rest of the family. So, the décor and the theme of the wedding should be personal and intimate too. The venue should be decked up with seasonal flowers and warm glowing lights. Instead of several tables, just one running a long table for all your guests will be ideal. Add colorful glassware for the toast and make sure these are smaller as in an intimate wedding, everyone would like to toast for you.

So, now as you know how you can choose the themes and personalize them for your wedding, what are you waiting for? Start searching for a hall for rent near me and book the one that offers in-house decoration to help you personalize these themes.

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