How Does High BP in the Middle Age Harm Your Brain?

High BP in the Middle Age

If you are at your middle age and you are suffering from BP so, here are all the important facts you should know about BP, about how it is affecting you, what are the consequences? and, how you can tackle it on your own like a pro taking all the necessary steps which are mentioned below.               

Middle age comes with experience and a realization that our body has different types of changes. Some positive and more negative if proper health precautions aren’t followed in time. Talking about BP i.e., the issue of blood pressure is one of those issues which almost every middle-aged person experiences. Blood pressure (hypertension) is defined as the circulation of blood on the walls of blood vessels. It is the pressure of the circulation of blood which increases or decreases according to variable factors. Increased pressure indicates high blood pressure and decreased pressure indicates low blood pressure. Systolic value of 140 mmHg and diastolic value of 90 mmHg is the measurement of blood pressure which is considered to be a normal rate of blood pressure. Both of the situations are commonly found in middle-aged people.

Blood pressure is one of the vital signs of being into middle age. When a person is in his or her middle age, the working capacity of brain already becomes a bit low. It does not even reveals the symptoms and how it damages one’s body or brain exactly from the time when it actually develops. The symptoms of hypertension are encountered after a pretty long time.

Effects of blood pressure on the brain

1. The functional level of brain depends on how much is the quantity of good blood supply. High blood pressure damages the blood vessels of the brain which somehow affects memory. When the brain cell gets degenerated it causes destruction of memory and it is a disease called Alzheimer’s disease. It affects other mental functions also like the power of memorizing something and keeping it into mind for a longer time period becomes difficult.

2. Dementia is another disease which happens because of hypertension which blocks and narrows the arteries which limits the flow of blood into brain. It also causes vascular dementia. When the arteries become narrow, the blood flows in a different speed as it limits the flow of blood. Blood clots also form due to the same.

3. The risk of heart attack or stroke always hangs in the lives of people suffering with high blood pressure. This happens when a person is feeling any kind of emotion extensively. When the oxygen stops reaching the brain in any way, it damages the cells and the blood vessels get leaks or ruptures. It is often seen that people get the attack of strokes because of blood pressure which is caught to be very high.

4. According to studies, uncontrollable high blood pressure in the middle age damages the structure of brain of which the person himself is not aware which is the trickiest part of going through the issue of blood pressure. It damages the white matter of brain and also affects the grey matters volume.

5. Aneurysm is another disease which causes due to blood pressure in middle age. It is the swelling of artery walls.

6. Elevated blood pressure creates emotional turmoil like experiencing a lot of stress and tension which directly or indirectly affects the lives of people which again stresses them extremely.

Ways to control blood pressure

1. Blood pressure increases with an increase in weight. To control weight and not to get overweight can be one precaution that anyone can take before entering middle age. People who have this issue are mostly overweight. Losing weight if you are overweighted can be a step to change your lifestyle and keep hypertension in control.

2. Regular exercise for 30 minutes per day acts effectively to resist blood pressure from getting higher.

3. Maintaining a proper diet is one of the most important measure to not let your BP rise to a higher level. Food habits definitely affect the pressure of blood.

4. Not taking too much stress and tension is helpful for BP patients as it incline down the affects of hypertension. Checking BP regularly keeps you on check about the level of your BP.

5. Reducing alcohol and cigarette consumption can step up the game of controlling BP. Quitting drinking and smoking is beneficial. In fact drinking overly triggers the chances of strokes .Therefore avoiding both is always a wiser option.

6. Lastly, seeking help from a professional i.e., a doctor is always a safe option as he or she will prescribe medicines or drugs to control BP after analyzing what is the level of your blood pressure.

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