How to adorn Your New House on this Diwali after Relocation?

Summary: If you are planning for the adornment of your new house this Diwali 2020 after the relocation with the packers and movers in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, etc then take a pause from your current life and get some amazing ideas from this article. Yes, let us know what these tips to glam up your house are:

  • Arrange furniture differently
  • Choose colorful Rugs
  • Glam up walls with the artwork
  • Good lighting
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Let us know about these points in detail:

  • Arrange furniture differently: The task of decorating your house starts from the re-arranging of the furniture in the new house. It will work splendidly if you will work on it. Now, what are the creativity that you can do with your furniture are as given below:
    • You need to first give some inches spaces in between the back of the furniture and the walls of your living room.
    • Then, you need to select the focal point.
    • The position of sofas and chairs will face each other to create a good conversation area in the drawing-room.
    • Now, you need to create a clear path so that nobody will be tripping over the furniture and other members so the family can walk with no difficulties.
  • Choose colorful Rugs: Although, it is the toughest task for the members of the family to choose the rugs for the living area of the new house especially when you have recently relocated to it. The following are the benefits of putting it in your house:
    • The rugs of the house can reduce the noise of the echo.
    • The softer rug will be more comfortable to move and stand on.
    • Check its warmth.
  • Glam up walls with the artwork: If the walls of your new house are empty this Diwali then it will give it a monotonous and non-festive look which will further look incomplete. But, that doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive one. You can simply for the various kinds of art available in the Indian market such as:
    • You can hand the picture of your children as a DIY art.
    • You can hang the pictures of your children’s art made by them.
    • You can hang some of the sketch paintings.

Where to Hang these Artworks?

  • You can simply hang them all to space above the sofa or couch of the living area.
  • Near a window
  • Over a mantel
  • Around a mirror in the living room.
  • Good lighting: It is the most important and significant part of the decoration as it is the thing from which your picture of Diwali will come amazing. As Diwali is the festival of lights, you need to focus on more artificial Diyas, specific lights, LED lights, etc. It plays an important role in the decorative element of your living room.

The following are the types of lights for the living space of the house:

  • The first one is overhead lighting that is mounted to the ceiling such as lighting, flush mounts, pot lights, etc.
  • The second one is Chandeliers and pendants that are generally being hanged in the light fixtures that can be added for the amazing style and drama in the living room.
  • Coming to the table or floor lamps, then you need to place some lights over there and near the sofa and chair.
  • Last but not least, you can also install dimmer switches to every single source of the house.

All in all, the above-mentioned points will be helping you to glam up your house this Diwali 2020 in the unique and best possible ways. Besides, if you have planned to relocate before Diwali to the new house then you can hire packers and movers in Ambattur Chennai from us only.

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