How To Choose A Work From Home Niche

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While there are several factors which should be considered when choosing a work from home niche. There are two main factors to keep in mind:

  1. Less competition for quicker but less profitable results.
  2. High competition for long term and highly profitable results.

First let me say there are two tools that you should be using when your trying to find a work from home niche, Google Trends (what sells best at what time of year) and Google’s Keyword Tool. (Keyword and competition research) Both of these are free and really invaluable when trying to find a really great niche.

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Let’s start with Google Trends first, this will give you an idea of what time of year certain items will sell really well. Although this is a “no brainer”, Christmas ornaments are going to sell big in the months preceding. This will be the same with anything seasonal, but; have you given much thought to books dealing with depression during the Holidays?? This is where Google Trends can help considerably!

Now you want to get an idea of your competition level so you would go to Google’s Keyword Tool for that. My niche is obviously working from home which is highly competitive, you can also get an idea of how saturated the niche is by typing in some keywords and see how many results it returns.

As I am writing this I am on page 4 for work from home out of 5.2 BILLION results. Fortunately I don’t know how to “quit” and I will be on page 1 in a minute. :) Now according to their keyword tool, on a scale of 0 to 1 the competition is .67 which is a “medium high” level. My more “targeted traffic” comes from terms like “legitimate work from home or work from home careers.” Even though these aren’t searched as much as work from home is, the competition level is around .96 for both of those which is almost maxed out. The reason for that is the traffic is a very high quality, or “targeted.” (in other words “specific searches” to keep it simple :) )

Needless to say my niche was a tough one to get where it needed to be, but the end result is a lucrative “year round” niche. (hope this is making sense)

The bottom line is I can’t say what work from home niche is going to work best for you or anyone else. What I can do is just give you some ideas of the different type of niches and how to make an educated decision.

Working the hell out of Senuke and The Best Spinner (and some long hours) it took me about a year to climb my way to the top of the Google food chain. Was it worth it to me? Absolutely! Does it mean that you need to follow my path and find the most challenging niche there is? Absolutely not!

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Many affiliate marketers have numerous websites that are of a much less competitive level than mine. They may make as much money between them all, I just chose to build “my baby” first. (I tend to swim against the tide :) ) Once I have this site where I want it to be, I may build a few simple sites that each focus on only one thing and are easy to rank. But that day is still a ways off, keep in mind that a site like this will not only involve ranking many pages…but many different keywords as well.

Even I never realized what I was getting into when I started this journey, but not only do I need to get the traffic for work from home, there are several well searched terms that I can obtain traffic on.

Affiliate marketing, article marketing, and Senuke are just a few others I am still continuously trying to reach page 1 for, you need to consider all of this in advance.

If I had to do it all over again I think I would have started smaller to be honest. Build one affiliate website focusing on one product, create a few of those to bring some money in and then go for the next Amazon of work from home websites! :)

Much Success To You!

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