How To Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face?

Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face
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The right pair of glasses does wonders for your vision and appearance. They balance out your features and take your outfit up a notch.

While finding the right style is crucial, what matters more is finding the right fit for your glasses. This is why so many people hesitate to buy online glasses as they are never sure whether the glasses will fit them or not.

If your frame does not sit on your face perfectly, it would neither look good nor help you see things clearly. 

Glasses that are too tight trigger pain behind your ears and may even give you a headache. Also, the frames that slip down your nose too often are uncomfortable and don’t look appealing as well.

How should glasses fit?

If you are buying prescription glasses or blue light glasses that you will wear for a prolonged time during the day, the frame must be lightweight. It must be designed in a manner so the entire weight is distributed evenly throughout the frame.

The width of the frame should fit right with the width of your head. Any discrepancy can lead to pain behind the ears or a loose fit. 

It’s good if the temples have bendy ends so you can be sure that your glasses are secure at the sides of your head and won’t fall off when you bend.

One thing that people do when buying online prescription glasses is that they go for titanium frames. They are flexible and fit right with your head width. 

Glasses that fit won’t leave marks on your face or over your ears. They won’t give you aches even when you wear them for a long time. 

Here are the few things that you should keep in mind when selecting the right size for your frame:

  • The type and position of the nose bridge of the frame make for the right fit. 
  • Make sure your online prescription glasses have adjustable nose pads.
  • The temples of your frame must not be wider or narrower than your head width. 
  • The top bar of your frame must not sit higher than your eyebrows. 
  • If your frames are touching your cheeks, it means that they are too big for your face.

How to buy the perfect online glasses?

Buying glasses without trying them first can be a daunting experience. However, this should not stop you from exploring the world of frame options available online. 

If you are not able to find out the correct measurements for your glasses, take the help of your current frame. Every frame has these measurements written on them. You can simply copy them and enter the information when buying a pair of prescription or blue light glasses.

You can also take the help of an optician to find these measurements along with your pupillary distance. It is the distance between the centres of your pupils. Some websites even have a comprehensive guide to teach you how to measure your PD on your own when buying online glasses.

Get a free home trial

free home trial

To simplify your online buyer’s journey, some online eyewear retailers even offer free home trials for their online prescription glasses.

For instance, Specscart has a home trial policy where customers can order 4 frames to see how they fit and look on their face. You can then buy the one that you like and they will deliver you a fresh piece.

One of the biggest hurdles when buying something as intimate of an accessory as glasses online is the lack of personalisation. Not being able to touch or try the product before you buy it can make you anxious about its quality and feel. 

But, now that you can get free home trials for your online prescription and blue light glasses, this complaint must be off the list. Just choose the frames that appeal to your eyes and try them at your home before making up your mind.  

Don’t forget to check the return policy

Even when you take every possible precaution, there is always a slight possibility that you may not be satisfied with your online purchase. In such cases, you must be aware of the return policy of the retailer so you know how much you owe.

When purchasing online prescription glasses, make sure you go through the return policy. Pick a retailer that has a simple and customer-friendly return policy. 

Online shopping is convenient and always saves you money. With little precautions and awareness, you can buy the frame of your dreams that fits and feels right.


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