How To Choose The Best Laptop For Engineering?


We often have seen that scientists and engineers have been spending a lot of time in front of computers and laptops. Engineers and even engineering students rely on computers and laptops for most part of their work. A laptop helps students to learn various skills like video editing, coding, web development, app development, animations, gaming, and many more. Using computers, Engineers can easily design, test, and make changes in real-time products. 

Engineering laptop

Most people find it difficult to choose the best laptop as per their requirements. The configuration of laptops may differ for different purposes. For example, if you want to buy a laptop for basic computation and designing then a laptop with less RAM and less memory would be better for you. But if you want to do coding, editing, animations, etc then a laptop with less RAM and storage would not be sufficient for you. Because of the huge load, you may find software lag, speed, and storage issues with it. 

So, the main question arises: How to choose a perfect laptop for engineering purposes? What are the requirements for an engineering laptop?

Important Features Of An Engineering Laptop

We are listing some important features of a laptop required for engineers and engineering students. These features will surely help you to choose one of the best engineering laptops. So you should consider the following features before buying a laptop:-


Processor Speed

It is one of the most important features of a computer or laptop. You might have experienced that a laptop with less processor speed takes a lot of time even for small tasks. It keeps you waiting for more time for the software to boot. Slow processors take a lot of time to load and run programs.

So you should choose a relatively faster CPU processor like Intel i5 or better that can execute programs at a faster speed. It would be great for software like AutoCAD, Android Studio, Matlab, etc because these softwares don’t work efficiently on slow laptops and it also slows down the overall performance of the laptop. So, you should opt for an i5 or processor.

Hard Drive / Storage

This feature refers to the memory space that you need to save your work like presentations, documents, pictures, videos, and other larger documents. So it is important to have a larger storage area to avoid data loss. 

These drives come in various sizes and different read-write speeds. Commonly, drives are classified into two types. These are Hard Disk Drive(HDD) and Solid State Drive(SSD). SSD is faster than HDD. But it is quite expensive. So if you prefer speed over storage area then you should choose SSD.



RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is used to store OS, software, and data that can be accessed quickly by the processor. It helps to work with multiple applications at the same time. The more RAM there is, the better the switching will be.

So, as an engineering student, you should have a laptop with the latest generation RAM of a minimum of 8 GB. If you are working with larger files, larger software, and heavy games then a minimum of 16 GB RAM would be ideal for you.

Operating System

Before choosing an operating system, you should consider all the applications that you have to use. If you want to learn hacking and precise coding then you should prefer the Linux operating system. It is mostly a shell user interface as it doesn’t have a GUI. Most companies prefer to hire employees with better Linux knowledge.

If you are interested in designing and developing the windows operating system would be best for you. As it is beginner-friendly and also has a GUI, it is preferred by many users.

Screen Size & Weight

As an engineering student, you need a laptop for writing larger codes, web designing, or animations etc. So you should choose a laptop with a higher resolution(1980 x 1080 pixels) display. Its size should be 14-15 inches because it is fine enough to display what you need to display.

In your college days, you often needed to carry your laptop to your campus or labs. For better portability, you should choose a lightweight laptop so that you can easily carry it in your bag.

Graphics Card

Graphic Design

If you want to be a graphic designer, game developer,  video editor, or animator then you should opt for a laptop with integrated graphics. It is specially designed for gaming purposes. It helps to increase the system performance and provides a better video and HD experience. Graphics card has its own resources to process and compress video so you can do video editing with greater accuracy.


If you are an engineering student or engineer then a major part of your work or studies depends on your laptop. So for better productivity, you should buy a laptop with the overall best configuration. You all are now aware of all the important features and functionalities that a good laptop imparts. So what are you waiting for? Just buy a perfect laptop as per your requirement and enhance your knowledge. Happy Learning!!

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