How To Choose The Best TV Stand For Your Flat-Screen TV

Best TV Stand

Flat TV screens are one thing that really needs to be showcased in the best way possible. This is usually the gathering spot in your home. Therefore, having a nice, fancy TV stand is very important. A good TV stand can be a welcoming addition to your lounge or living room. If you’re the kind of person who loves to have movie nights with friends and family, watch sporting events, or go on a TV show marathon, you would definitely love to have a custom TV stand for flat TV screens. 

In the market, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from. Although the style and type is completely a matter of personal preference, there are certain tips you can follow to get started. 

  1. Pick A Comfortable Viewing Height

Make sure you get a TV stand that is comfortable for you. Having your neck craned at the wrong angles and positions for long durations will not only cause discomfort but will also result in backaches and neck issues. You should always get a TV stand that positions the screen at eye level. The ideal height for a TV stand is around 42 inches. However, the best height and position really depends on the height of the couch and chairs you have in your living room. If you choose to get a custom made TV stand, you can start by measuring your eye level when seated to ensure that the central region of the TV isn’t too far from the line of sight. You can also get a TV stand that has a mount, which can be adjusted. 

  1. Measure The TV Size And Width

It is always recommended to measure the size of your TV and its width, in particular when you’re getting a TV stand. A lot of people choose to bring the big 50-inch or 60-inch TV for theater viewing. They should consider how much wall and floor space must be reserved for this wide model. If you have space, then you should look for a TV stand that is wider than the display you have so that it does not hang unnecessarily. Even though flat-screen TVs generally have a base to give them stability, you still run at a risk of bumping into the TV and consequently having it topple, if the TV stand is too small. Moreover, the TV stand should also have adequate weight capacity to support your TV display. 

  1. Should Be Compatible With The Room Layout

It is okay to have a small or unusually shaped room. This does not mean you have to compromise on the TV you have always wanted. You can go for a swivel TV stand to get the best viewing angle when the space available for your TV isn’t properly lined up with your seating. There are several options. For instance, a corner TV stand will allow you to fit a big TV screen in a compact space, whereas a wall-mount TV stand will free up some space in front of your seating to allow easy movement. 

  1. Choose The Right Material

It is always best to get a TV stand that is made from these materials: fiberboard, wood, glass, particleboard, or metal. Generally, wood and veneered plywood tend to last long and since these wooden TV stands are heavy, they offer great stability, especially if you have children and pets running around the living room. 

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