How To Choose Vanilla Perfume For Yourself: 3 Basic Principles

Choose Vanilla Perfume
Vanilla Perfume

The dilemma of choosing a perfume at least once, but put everyone in a dead end. Variety, fashion and doubts made it much more difficult to buy eau de toilette. Especially meticulous comrades were confused by more difficult questions – how to choose a fragrance on the parameters of stability and concentration.

The main concentrations in perfumery

The shelves of many modern perfume shops are occupied with all kinds of perfumed products. They are full of perfume and attractive, shiny boxes of eau de toilette. Sometimes the same fragrance can be made in three variations at once, than it is easily able to confuse its future owner. What is the difference between these types of perfumes and which one to choose?


They are also often called perfume (fr. Parfum). This type of perfume is the most concentrated and contains at least a third of aromatic substances based on 90% alcohol. The stability of the aroma (almost 10 hours) and the price (it is the highest) depend on the composition. But the rules of choice do not end there – following the rules of unspoken etiquette, perfume is used only in the evening. It is desirable in the cold, when the final, “plume” notes, will bring intrigue, not a headache, as it would be on a hot Monday morning.

Perfumed water

The perfume has an alternative name – “toilet perfume”. On the boxes it is marked in French as eau de parfum. Its composition is also based on natural alcohol, but almost twice less concentrated than perfumes – up to 20% of aromatic substances. A more significant difference between the aromas is how it unfolds: perfumed water has a more pronounced “core”. The perfume-water itself is not as “heavy” as the classic perfume. Accordingly, they can be worn even during the day. The aroma, as a rule, remains stable, but “plays” a little less – from 4 to 6 hours. For example, fresh but stable Betty Barclay Damendüfte Tender Blossom.

Eau de toilette

How to choose eau de toilette: Eau de Toilette – the “lightest” type of perfume. It has a concentration of aromatic substances of only 7-10%, and the strength of alcohol, taken as a basis – 80-85%. “Plume” such aromas are not strong, but well reveal the top notes. The stability of this fragrance is from 3 to 4 hours, which together with the ease of concentration makes eau de toilette a popular type of fragrance for a day sock or use in the hot season. Representative of the group – Aqua Colonia Blood Orange.

How not to be mistaken when choosing a fragrance

Here you have decided on the same fragrance that you are ready to buy. How to choose a perfume for yourself: there is a simple test! But do not rush to the box office: the “taste” of perfume – that’s not all. It needs to be tested at work!

How to apply correctly in the store? Do not use paper blotters or apply fragrance to clothing – these materials will reveal the aroma in their own way and can significantly distort it. Apply the fragrance on the wrist. This way the perfume will reveal itself best, because it is on the skin that you need to apply the fragrance. After you spray perfume on your skin, do not stand in the store – go for a walk in the fresh air. It is necessary to do it, firstly, because in the closed premise of shop and so there is a mixed smell which will confuse anybody, and secondly because on the street the nose will have a rest from “perfume cacophony” and will accept the put on the wrist the scent is correct.

How to check the stability and plume of aroma?

Take a walk. For example, you can go for a walk or meet friends. In a few hours (depending on the type of perfume concentration) it will become clear how nicely it opens and how it “sounds” its train. The same applies to the stability of the aroma – if it has not faded by then – then the stability has also been tested “with a bang.” If after a few hours in the fragrance nothing started to irritate, and new notes that appeared later, made the perfume only more pleasant – you can safely stop your choice on it. In addition, we should not forget that such a “walk” for perfume is not only a kind of crash test for fragrance, but also an allergy test for its future owner. So you will know exactly what perfume to buy.

Summing up, we can mention a few more important rules to learn which perfume to choose:

It is best to choose the morning time for a perfume hike. At such moments, the nose does not have time to “get tired”, and the sense of smell works best.
Before going to the perfume shop, you should not use additional fragrances – apply your own or use various aromatic oils that can interfere with the correct perception of the composition of other perfumes.
If there is no specific smell on the sign, choose at least its type. This will make further choices more productive.

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