How To Clean Your Silver Ring– 10 Tips For DIY Silver Jewelry Cleaner

silver ring

Our Silver jewelry is usually our companion to many of the looks we use.
But we must bear in mind that if you don’t take care of it correctly and give it good conservation, these garments could deteriorate taking a black tone.
That does not indicate it’s of poor quality or not silver, if not that we must understand that our silver rings and all accessories that are silver must be cleaned periodically. This way they always look shiny and like new every time we use them.
The best way to save money and have our clothes to the nines is to do it ourselves from home with the help of some implements that we can get in the store at a good price. That is why we leave you some practical advice on the way to clean your silver ring and other unique jewelry and keep it for many more years.

10 useful ways for DIY silver jewelry cleaner

The old Fashion Ways

  1. One of the best homemade silver cleaners would be using a cloth soaked with vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. The mixture of these products causes vapors that clean out the silver. It is quite important to have delicate movements and do it in open air or well-ventilated place.
  2. Cover a container with some sheets of aluminum foil. Then, fill it with hot water to make it easier to mix the salt or baking soda. As you will see, this mixture is very effective for brushing our jewelry such as chains, bracelets, or earrings.
  3. Another alternative to complement the previous point is to soak the jewelry together with pieces of aluminum foil. This helps to attract dirt and remove it from the jewelry.
  4. One more effective way to clean your silver jewelry is to use a little bit of toothpaste option. Just take any of the toothpaste brands you normally use and rub it circularly over the entire area. Once the process is done, you can remove it only with soap and plenty of water, and finally, leave it to dry off. You might be surprised by the results achieved.
  5. Cleaning with the help of a small toothbrush that you do not use anymore or a swab for the ears.
    You can clean the most difficult parts of the jewel, especially the area of the engravings so that they are not scratched so that they do not scratch, in addition to returning the glowing to your favorite jewels.

The less known Ways to protect your Silver Jewelry

  • 6. An easy and good option to protect your silver jewelry when you do not wear it frequently is to store it in airtight bags. those bags seem to prevent them from exposure to moisture and air.
  • 7. It is always better to avoid getting the silver jewel in any kind of contact with perfumes, makeup, or all kinds of creams. These contain substances that take away the shine of metal objects including your precious silver ring or necklace.
  • 8. If you normally practice any type of sport, you most probably sweat. It is very important that you do not wear your jewelry at that time. You may not know that sweat is corrosive and takes away the beautiful shine away, and takes days of use.
  • 9. Avoid exposing your jewelry to sunlight or, failing that, to indoor light and to contact with bleach or other cleaning products.
  • 10. It is good to remember to protect your hands during the cleaning and polishing processes. Therefore, you must protect your hands with gloves as some of these products are harmful to the skin. furthermore, It is better not to breathe the substances used during cleaning processes. Make sure you are in a ventilated and open place to avoid intoxication with vapors chemicals.


You can say that Sterling Silver Jewelry is a kind of timeless and classic jewelry but at the same time surprisingly very versatile metal. It does keep rather high on fashion and hit a refresh to your jewelry box. As long as you stick to our list up here, you’ll find various new and interesting ways to keep it shiny and clean as new so wearing it will always feel like wearing a new piece of jewel.

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