How To Competently Overcome Students’ Problems in Online Class


Online classes are more popular now than they ever had. During the ongoing pandemic, online classes have become the norm. With the advent of more and more online classes for students at every level, many problems are arising too. The students have to face many problems including internet access to connectivity issues, having no means of difficulty learning and concentrating during the class.

Students worldwide are facing these issues and feel it difficult for them to take classes in this way. The learning process is especially getting affected by all this. Some students do not even take classes regularly or not at all. An online school attendance system is one way to overcome or at least reduce this issue. But still, there are many others you need to overcome. On the other hand, online learning can be convenient and flexible too. Only if you overcome the few challenges to have success.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you about the most common problems the students are facing in their online classes and how to overcome them.

Relying upon the technology:

The major setback is that online learning and classes rely on technology. If you do not own a computer or any gadget like this you cannot assess your classes. If you are not good with computers, online classes would sound intimidating to you then, and not your cup of tea. To overcome the technology or internet problems is up to govt that they assure the availability of these to students. The other issue can be overcome by making things easy and simple.

Today’s online classes are super easy and user friendly. There are many easy to use apps you can just install and use without any problem. The online portals made it easy to submit assignments or answer questions. Everything is clear and you can easily communicate with your teacher and fellows. Moreover, there is a lot of technical support for you, that will assist you if you ever get stuck anywhere.

Students can easily skip the class:

Why take an online class when you easily watch something or play any game at that time. This thought mostly lets the students skip their classes and once they start doing it there’s no going back. The poor management and no attendance system make them lazy and they don’t take it seriously. A proper management system is needed to make the presence of students assured. Make an online attendance system. Strictly implement some rules or assign some points or penalty system to ensure the presence. Furthermore, you can add simple fun activities or creativity to help the students not get bored.

No class participation affects better learning:

The virtual environment makes it hard for students to concentrate and grasp the concepts being taught as it entirely different from that of the class’s atmosphere. In this case, you are supposed to communicate through written words. As a teacher, you should help engage the class in such things so that they will communicate better and there will be a class discussion. It helps improve the concentration of students. Moreover, they will also learn faster and better.

Have zoom meetings, do video talk, and let students read out loud to each other as in a normal class to maintain the involvement of students. Add questions to the portal daily and allow open forum discussions too. In short, it is a key approach that the more you communicate the more you will feel a part of the online class.

Distractions during the online classes:

The other important problem that is needed to be addressed is how to avoid the distractions you feel when you study from home. You know it is most difficult for you to be in your comfort zone and remain active and focused in your class. To cope up with this you need to create a specific space for your online classes. It could be anywhere in your study or where you can be at a distance from your house chores or distractions.

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