How To Make The Cost Of An Expert Blog Subscription Lower?

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The article will be useful for novice / experienced advertisers, as well as experts who independently set up advertisements for their blog. It is written by specialist of Digital agency Portland.

In this article, we will cover 4 main ways to help you reduce your blog subscription cost.

1. Proper blogging is the foundation of a low cost

Before starting an advertising campaign, you need to think over the semantic packaging of the blog and give an answer to the 3 most important questions:

Why would people be interested in following me?

What useful things can they learn from the blog?

What problem can a person solve with my blog?

You need to understand that advertising, creatives, texts are a tool for achieving a goal, they will not improve a blog in any way if it does not answer these 3 questions.

The better the blog is, the better the blog is packed, the more interesting the presentation, how strongly and competently the expert translates the values ​​and reveals himself to the audience – the lower the price of the subscriber will be.

You can test advertising offers, texts, lead magnets for a long time and persistently, and the subscriber will be expensive, because there is no understanding of the value of your blog.

2. Detailed study of the target audience and offers

It may sound trite at first glance, but this is only at first glance. I often, when entering a project and doing an audit of an advertising office, I came across the following picture: 3-4 creatives were tested, where there were a maximum of 1-2 different offers, 1-2 placements and that’s it. At the same time, 10,000 – 15,000 rubles were spent on such a “bundle”, and a click is expensive.

After we have decided on point 1, you need to analyze your target audience.

Who is she

Why follow you

What pains she has

What wishlist does she have

What is she interested in

This can be done through small questionnaires on the expert’s blog, in order to increase the number of people involved; for completing the survey, you can come up with a small gift, usually some interesting checklist, which you will also make based on the interests of your central figure.

After answering these questions, you need to draw up several portraits of your target audience and write advertising offers, texts for them, think over creatives, lead magnets, but nothing else.

3. Generate and test more hypotheses

When we have painted items 1 and 2, we can start thinking about hypotheses. The hypothesis consists of -> audience, offer, advertising creative, placement, text, lead magnet.

The key to driving traffic to a personal blog is a creative and lead magnet. You need to be prepared that you will have to think through a lot of advertising creatives in different formats, static images, a talking video from an expert, a question-answer, etc.

It is also better to test at least 3-4 different lead magnets, because if you test 1, it may not come in.

It is also worth testing as many audiences as possible: broad audiences with geo and age restrictions, interest audiences, similar audiences.

What audiences I usually use can be found in the article in my profile “Do interests work or not”.

4. Try to drive traffic not only directly to Instagram

What I’m talking about here is that you can drive traffic using the Conversions goal for services such as Instasub and instaTeleport. Their essence is to check the blog subscription and issue a checklist.

Accordingly, in the advertising office you will see the number of subscriptions and their cost, but with traffic, you will need to calculate the cost and number of subscriptions manually.

In my practice, I test both the “Traffic” goal directly to the blog, and the “Conversion” goal for these services, to analyze the cost of a subscription from 2 different goals.

The main thing to remember is the truth of targeted advertising – only by testing hypotheses can you come to the desired result!


Advertising is always about hypotheses, their constant testing, optimization and scaling.Do not expect that from the first ad group you launch, you will have a subscriber of 0,2 USD. Test more hypotheses, work to lower your CPC and increase the conversion rate from click to subscriber.

That is all for today. Hope this information will be useful for you and will help you to get positive results. If you want to read more about business, click here .

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