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We are now living in the middle of a pandemic and it has affected almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way we do things and conduct our daily routine. Since the pandemic has affected physical and social interaction, usual things that are done face to face are now limited. For example, buying or purchasing goods or necessities are now minimized or controlled. That is to prevent the further spread of the virus. Things are now more commonly done through online or e-commerce platforms.

Ever since the pandemic has started and the lockdown has been implemented, the way we do things has shifted. It is now more convenient to buy things online or through e-commerce websites because it lessens the risk of acquiring the virus. That is why today, one of the best marketing strategies is to have your business or products available online. E-commerce website development makes an online platform possible. This is where you can formulate and build your online presence. 

An eCommerce website development is administered by a developer. After this, you can further maximize the potential of your website by hiring a web designer Singapore specialist. To know more, let us talk about how you can start online selling in 2021.

#1 Know your market

Before you can start eCommerce website development, you first have to determine your market. Your target market would define which kinds of products and goods you can sell. You can target children then sell toys and other needs that are for them. You can also target teens and know which products they are into. At the end of the day, your target market designs which kind of products you can sell. Also, it will determine the course of your eCommerce website development.

There are many different designs and looks that an eCommerce website can have. Web designer Singapore experts usually based the designs of your websites depending on the target market. that is important to know the demographics of your audience. This way, your eCommerce website development can go through the right path. Your web designer Singapore expert would also have an easier time determining how your website should look like.

#2 Select products

When you already know your targeted market, you can now select the products that are usually consumed by your target market. Remember to be strategic when it comes to selecting products. Products that are commonly provided by many companies are harder to sell. A web designer Singapore expert also depends on the kind of product that you are selling. That is why it is important that you have a definite answer to what products you want to sell. This way your eCommerce website development professional would know which courses of action to take as well.

#3 Set up an eCommerce website

When you already know these kinds of things you can continue with eCommerce website development. remember that an eCommerce web developer is different from a web designer Singapore professional. A developer is more on code\ing and backend matters of the website. A web designer Singapore staff mainly deals with and focuses on the surface and look of your website. They make your website more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the client.

Benefits of online selling

Fewer costs

An eCommerce web development is usually cheaper than building and infrastructure. That is why it costs less than brick-and-mortar stores. Maintaining online websites or eCommerce websites is also cheaper than physical stores. Ecommerce web development requires you to pay a developer once.

Wider reach

Compared to physical stores, eCommerce websites have a wider scope as they can be accessed anywhere. Even if your client is halfway across the globe, they can still order and make a purchase when you make it possible and accessible. Ecommerce websites can also run for 24 hours without a break. While physical stores usually follow mall hours. Being able to run your business for a long period of time is more cost-effective since it would always be open to a higher number of customers 


An eCommerce website is also easily scalable compared to physical stores. Most eCommerce web development professionals give you an option to have statistics and reports depending on your preference. This way you can see how many people have accessed and gained interest in your product. 

Need help?

Hiring a developer and a web designer Singapore expert is advisable when you want to develop an eCommerce website. This way you can be sure that you are on the right path. Wiz Marketing is a reliable and trusted eCommerce web development.

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