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The large and rich countryside, natural beauty, and a variety of outdoor activities in Iceland make it one of Europe’s best places if not world-wide. You would want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the wonders of Iceland, from snorkeling in ice-cold water to exploring lava fields to seeing the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Organized tours are the perfect way to do that.

But how can you possibly know which tours are best with so many different Iceland tours? Don’t be afraid, we have checked out more tours than we can do to provide you with this list of Iceland’s best tours. You will not only be enchanted by your journey to Iceland but one you will never forget.

Bus Tour of North Lights

Enter the darkness of Iceland and enjoy the spectacular northern lights on this 4-hour North Lights Tour, avoid the light-polluted city of Reykjavík. When you wander over the lights dancing around the sky, you will enjoy a hot drink of chocolate and a warm snack to make your cake’s freeze. Since this phenomenon happens naturally and relies on the correct weather conditions, the northern lights, particularly in the summer, are not guaranteed.

Tour operators recognize that seeing Aurora Borealis, a true natural phenomenon and an incomparable experience must be eliminated from the “Must-Do Before I Die” list. Tour operators have the right experience. Therefore, if you don’t see them you won’t have to worry because you can take another Northern Lights Tour for free. This is the best tour in Iceland by the northern lights.

Full-Day Grand Tour of Golden Circle

Take an 8-hour tour along the Golden circle, and explore Iceland’s most famous attractions. Be shocked to see the water spring of Strokkur flowing 90 feet in the air, and be amazed at the strong Hvítá River as it disappears in the ground’s gaps. However, there is no end to the fun and discovery.

Your journey to southwest Iceland will continue as you discover Thingvellir National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site, gaze at Kerio Lake’s volcanic crater, cross Icelandic fields, and stun the picturesque Icelandic landscape. With so many sights to see it’s clear that without making the Golden Circle Tour, you don’t have to go to Island – easily one of Reykjavik’s best day tours!

Tour of Whale Watches

Get to know Iceland’s aquatic waters on the biggest whale watching boat in the world. Seek on Andrea in your natural habits to see some of the most spectacular water mammals. Enjoy a 2 or 3-hour relaxing tour and familiarise yourself with the different Nordic waters.

Full-Day Tour of the Jökulsárlón glacier

Take a scenic tour of the South Coast of Iceland to enjoy the best of natural beauty. Wander back in cascade to visit James Bond’s Die Another Day and Lara Croft, a hypocritical yet still spectacular Seldjalandsfoss waterfall; be struck by the magnificent scenery, and look out to one of the biggest ice glaciers in the world.

More impressively, however, discover the natural gems of Iceland, Jökulsárlón, and watch the Breiżamerkurjökull glacier floating around you as massive bunches of ice and icebergs. You’re not going to miss one of Iceland’s best trips, the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Full Day Trip from the black sand beaches to an iceberg bay.

Full-Day Tour of the Snefa Peninsula.

Have Iceland for a short time but still want to experience the diverse natural beauty of Iceland while still visiting a glacier? Then you’re fine for the Snæfellsnes Full-Day trip. The Peninsula of Snæfellsnes, a miniature Iceland, is full of nature and natural beauty. Lovely black sand beaches, spectacular mountains, such as Kirkyufell, Lava fields, and many more are visible and enjoyed. On this tour, you will visit Ytri Tunga Seal Colony, several fishing villages, and of course, you will find out the richness of Iceland.

Full day tour of Iceland’s South Coast

Spend the whole day on a scenic tour of the scenery of the southern coast of Iceland. Get to know Iceland’s geology and look at the scenery. Waterfalls are amazing, such as the volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull and the Seljalandsfoss. Then, chow down to Vik for lunch, and see the stunning black sand beach of Reynisfjara.

Dyrhólaey is your next ride, while thousands of puffins in summer nest in Dyrhólaey at certain times of the year the land is maintained. You’ll go to the Sólheimajökull glacier before you go back to Reykjavik. This 9-hour tour is one of Iceland’s best journeys, full of action and opportunities for lifelong memories.

Lava Fields Icelandic Horse Tour

Discover the rare Icelandic horse on the luscious green hillsides on the fascinating lava fields. With the popular Ishestar Stable, you know that you are in great hands and that your horse will be safe and happy! The mountainside is beautiful, the horses are relaxed, the guides are experienced and the time you spend on horseback in Iceland is unforgettable. Everyone can and should enjoy this trip. If you are an experienced rider or a novice, you will be able to add to the itinerary in Iceland this horse riding adventure.

4-Hour Walking Experience Landmanalaugar

Stop your walking boats as it is time to explore Iceland’s highlands, Landmannalaugar in particular. You are surprised if you think that this four-hour walking tour isn’t different from the other walks that you made. Landmannalaugar is riddled with very little vegetation with vibrant mountains, a 60,000-year-old volcano, springs of steam, and blue lakes. Your love for this walk is not just the beautiful panoramic views of Landmannalaugar Valley, but also the natural hot pool where you can relax after your walk. Don’t forget your wear:) It’s an experience that no real walker will pass through.

Leidarendi Cave Half-day Caving Trip

You saw Lava fields all over the Island, and now it’s time to explore the breathtaking world under them. You can see amazing lava stalactites and numerous rock formations formed by previous volcanic eruptions as you crawl through this dim, mysterious underworld of this lava tube in Iceland. And you’ll even find glossy ice sculptures of all sizes inside the cave if you want to visit this wonderful cave during the winter! You know that you will be on one of the best tours in Iceland with a special cave-like Leidarendi, which is more than 2,000 years has not changed.

Half-day tour of Silfra Fissure Snorkel.

Did you want to be at once in two places? Ok, that’s your opportunity. Snorkel Silfra the beautiful yet cold lava crack where you can swim between the American and European two slowly drifting continental plates. The pristine even drinking water and the colorful algae make this tour a bonus, but the incredible opportunity to snorkel in one of the top diving resorts in the world, with a breathtaking view over more than 500 feet, is what makes this tour one of the best in Iceland. Now I don’t know what it’s if that’s not wonderful. This amazing, exotic, and lifetime experience underwater shouldn’t miss a place on your list of Icelandic activities.

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