Improve Self-Esteem With Scalp Micropigmentation


If you want to get hold of thick and fuller hair, then moving on with the scalp micropigmentation for women treatment plan is always a necessary move to make.

Being a woman, your hair is your prized possession. You can style it up, color up bits and pieces, and create a whole new avatar as your new look! But, with growing age, some women start experiencing fading hairline and too much hair fall.

A normal amount of hair fall is common, but not to an extent when you can see the scalp behind. If you are one such victim of alopecia, then moving on with scalp micropigmentation seems to be the best choice of work to consider. It is mandatory to know more about this method and how it helps you to get that natural permanent look on your scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation

So Many Reasons Behind Unwanted Hair Fall

There are different reasons behind unwanted hair fall among men and women. In women, the case gets a bit complicated because of different hormonal changes during various stages of life. Women always desire of having full and thick hair and won’t go for any other option.

But, there are certain conditions, which will lead to some form of hair loss. Around 80% of women these days suffer from the faded hairline and excessive hair loss once they reach the age group of 60 years, or even before that. 

  • You can see some hormonal changes like menopause or pregnancy when your body is working overtime. During such stages, you might become a victim of alopecia.
  • Female pattern baldness is quite common due to changes in food habits and lifestyle. During such instances, opting for scalp micropigmentation is always a good call.
  • Some studies have shown that modern women are also suffering from traction alopecia. It is a form of the disease where hair fall starts out to be the main issue. Calling dermatologists for scalp micropigmentation is a great point of advice to follow.
  • Aging is another reason behind hair fall. With growing age, your body starts to produce fewer hormones, resulting in weakened hair follicles. With daily pollution and stress, your hair starts to fall big time.
  • Extreme stress is a major enemy of hair loss among women. If you are suffering from work pressure or have some mental disturbances in your personal relationships, you can actually feel that affecting your hair loss routine.
  • If you are going for some medications, then as a side effect, you might start losing hair big time. Some strong medications like chemotherapy have such an effect and micropigmentation seems to be the only option left during such instances.

So, what exactly is scalp micropigmentation?

It starts off by going for the scalp. It targets thinned-out areas along the hairline. Micropigmentation uses a series of layered dots in various shades of black to produce shadows and depth. These layered dots do not even come close to your natural hair follicle size.

This makes it possible for them to meld perfectly with your natural hair. Micropigmentation is distinct from microblading in that the latter typically employs a single blade while the former makes use of an electric tattoo machine. But each produces effects that are incredibly realistic-looking and minimize the hair loss’s overt symptoms.

The Benefits You Get From It

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across women, who are moving on with the Scalp Micropigmentation in Atlanta treatment plan these days. Have you ever wondered why? Learning about the benefits will actually help you to know the reason behind its growing popularity among women these days.

  • You get the chance to restore your long-lost self-confidence with the help of scalp micropigmentation treatment. You will enjoy a head full of natural-looking hair, which will result in high-end self-esteem.
  • With scalp micropigmentation, you will receive long-lasting and faster results. When compared to some other hair fall treatment plans, scalp micropigmentation is cost-effective, non-invasive, and permanent. You just need a few touch-ups from time to time.

As scalp micropigmentation is less invasive than any of the other transplants, it is considered to be safe for both men and women. It is also quite easier to recover from the needle pitches as well. 

Well-trained practitioners from the house of SMP Georgia will use their years of experience and knowledge to provide treatment in a sterile clinical environment. There is less risk involved with infections. Call the team now at +1 (470) 286-6639 for detail about the treatment plans for women.

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