Improve Your Reputation Management With SEO Consultancy

Reputation Management

Reputation – the factor that makes people either lookup or look down has become one of the vital aspects of social media marketing. With the marketers and advertising agencies opting to promote their products and services online, alongside the users getting increasingly exposed to the internet, online reputation has truly arrived as one of the deciding factors for brand/product selection.

Also, the search engines nowadays readily display various user given comments along with the search results. And this acts as a crucial factor for a brand in winning or losing a customer.

Our efforts to shelf our websites among the top results will completely go in vain, if the users get to see even a single negative comment. So, how do we handle them? How do we efficiently manage our brand’s online reputation? And, is it possible to achieve this using a SEO consultant? The answers are simple- It is possible and here’s how:


The first step in managing our online reputation is realising our current status, scenario and condition. We have to first understand how people and users consider our brand, and what reputation has it stirred up from its earlier efforts and campaigns. This gives an insight into the brand’s position in the market and even gives us a chance to come up with remedial measures, in case of a mess up.

So, begin by searching your brand in the search engines, and look for possible comments and feedbacks from users, critics and the likes. Some of the common areas where discussions occur are forums, social networking websites and Google Maps.

In case you come across some undesirable or negative comments, realise that the time for some instant remedial measures has arrived.

The Measures:

Responding to a negative comment could be tough. Though the solution and the response entirely depend up on the complaint, the brand and the issue, there are a few guidelines which you can keep in mind while responding.

  • Accept that the mistake is from your part. This solves half of the issue
  • Never receive a comment on a personal note. Instead, understand that the consumer has gone through a tough time using your product/service and it is up to you to resolve the issue
  • Maintain a polite note throughout your conversation
  • Assure them of a remedy and try to the fullest to redeem the trust

Compensate Negatives with Positives:

Start posting positive content alongside, because now our only aim is to neutralise the negative with the positives and compensate to the reputation we have lost.

Also, remember that the comments cannot be removed completely from the search results, unless & until they are removed from the website. So, focus on reducing the content’s visibility in the search results and even try to make use of the popular social networking websites.

Create an authority to your website:

Another efficient way to reduce the visibility of the negative comments is by creating a domain that links to every of your content. So, begin by buying a domain and assigning it with your brand name.

Frequently indicate that the website is about the brand and that it’s not promotional. Infuse the name of your brand wherever possible, such as, use ‘About the Brand’ title instead of ‘About Me’, and even try infusing your brand name in headers and different tabs.

Next, link this domain to every article and content that you post. This is because, search engines and specifically Google believes every link as an authority or a vote.

The more the authority you generate from various sources, the higher will be the website’s credibility. You can also harness the potential of the social networking websites in this case and share, like and tweet the content that you’ve posted to spread them among the common mass. Also remember that links from reputed websites play a vital role in establishing trust over your brand.

Making an effort in SEO is of great importance, results do not come without hard work.

So, these were not just the strategies to handle a bad reputation, but also vital tips to maintain an already existing decent reputation of your brand. So, try following them and reward your brand with the reputation it truly deserves.

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