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Residential Unit

Homebuyers need to consider several factors before investing in a residential unit. This is simply because the factors affect the returns on investment that the homeowners can potentially earn. For instance, MRG Sector 106 Gurgaon is perfect for property investors as it meets every requirement for a housing project to be suitable for investment purposes. This housing estate has already attracted a large number of investors.

Location Benefits

Undoubtedly, the location of a housing complex is the prime factor that affects the potential ROI. This complex has been launched strategically at a thriving locality with alluring commercial prospects and excellent infrastructure.

  • Finding tenants for a flat in the MRG World upcoming project Sector 106 Gurgaon would be easy, mainly due to significant employment hubs’ proximity. This is because a majority of the potential tenants are migrants moving to the NCR for jobs.
  • The connectivity infrastructure here is indeed quite alluring too. Major roads and transit points, such as Dwarka Expressway, IGI Airport, etc., lie within a close radius. This would attract home seekers who need to travel frequently.
  • The land rates in certain localities such as Sector 106 are on a rising trend. This implies that a property one invests in now would undergo a significant appreciation of value. Eventually, it would help investors secure higher returns from resale or rent.
  • The social amenities are available in plenty in the vicinity of this project. Naturally, this would attract the home-renters who seek a residential unit for whom these amenities are of particular importance.

Affordable pricing

The price of the property requires to be considered while investing in one. After all, it determines the amount that the buyer would have to invest initially. However, this MRG affordable housing in sector 106 Gurgaon project offers flats at reasonable prices, which ensure high profitability.

  • The Huda affordable housing policy covers this project. Being under the scheme, the flats have been priced at affordable rates. While the balcony area costs INR 500 per Sq.Ft., the remaining floor area has been priced at INR 4000 Sq. Ft.
  • Payment plans make a massive difference for homebuyers with a tight budget. Considering that investors purchasing an affordable home might have a limited budget, the payment plan has been developed flexibly. One can pay over 36 months while buying a flat here.
  • Often, investors are deterred from buying a new property due to the maintenance costs that come with it. However, this project comes with a distinct advantage in this aspect. The homeowners would be exempt from maintenance charges for five years.
  • The buyers may also avail of a home loan of up to 90% from any nationalized bank. This is undoubtedly a significant benefit as easy loans mean the seamless acquisition of the new property.

Grand lifestyle

The lifestyle that a residential complex offers hold considerable importance for investors. This is because a luxurious lifestyle would naturally attract tenants more efficiently, with high rental rates. Despite the affordable prices of the homes here, the MRG 106 HUDA housing project Gurgaon offers many attractive amenities.

  • This residential estate has been integrated with child-centric amenities like a kids’ play area and a creche. These would ensure a wonderful childhood for the little ones and attract the home renters with family and kids.
  • The developer has also paid due attention to providing ample open spaces. These include lush green garden areas, jogging tracks, and seating spaces. This would make the project attractive to the tenants who seek a refreshing lifestyle away from pollution and noise.
  • Fitness freaks would also find the lifestyle here to be quite envious, thanks to amenities like a yoga and meditation center, salon, etc. These features would help the inhabitants lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Other amenities, such as a café, a shopping plaza, and a multipurpose common hall are available too, allowing the residents to enjoy a dynamic lifestyle amidst a thriving community.

Considering the affordable prices of the flats and the high returns they can potentially generate, investing in one of them would undoubtedly be a smart choice.

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